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CLOSED Art Gallery--the contest--Bring your $H-Buck$ back Sat. Morning! (Closed to new entries)

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AJ Franklin is a group administrator AJ Franklin says:

Our group has become famous. A well known but anonymous art buyer has agreed to evaluate our photos. The buyer is paying $500 in Helluva Bucks to all who enter the contest! Yes, you read that right! Enter your ONE shot that is worth FIVE HUNDRED $AMOLEAN$, Dollars US, in the contest and you will be put on the wall of his famous Art Gallery! (This thread)

What could you do with $500 in Helluva Bucks? Well, I think I have an idea! You could spend it in $100 increments on other photos in the Gallery when the CASH REGISTER (Ballot Box) opens on Saturday morning! You could give all $500 Helluva Bucks to one photo you really are crazy about, or you could give $300 to one and $100 to two others, or any combination of the above! Sound like fun?

Anyone who does not enter a photo gets no Helluva Bucks, but does get ONE little default vote to put in the ballot box for their favorite photo in the Art Gallery. It will be added to whatever money the picture has accumulated as $1.

So what to do? Perhaps pick your $500 photo and enter it below in the usual way, a small picture from your "All sizes" button on top of the picture in your photostream.

***How To Post**
Go to your own photo stream and the photo that you are entering in the contest. Above the photo, click on "All Sizes" and when that opens, click on SMALL SIZE. Below there are two lines of Text. Choose the line #1, the long HTML code, highlight with the mouse and CNTRL-C to your clipboard.

Come back to this page, put the cursor in the "Reply to this topic" box at the bottom, and click CNTRL-V. Save. Your photo is now in the contest. Type in ENTRY #?? at the top of your entry, with the successive number from the entry before yours.

Any photo entered must be tagged HELLUVA and be in the group pool. ONE PHOTO is all the buyer wants >g< Additional ones will be returned to sender in a most inglorious way.

****That's how to post****

So, in summary, enter a picture and put $500 Helluva Bucks in your pocket. At the end of the week, come back and spend it on the picture or pictures of your choice, in $100 bills. No cheating! The banker will catch you and take away all of your hard earned Helluva Bucks!

Or don't enter and get nothing but $1 (in Helluva Bucks!)

Once again, if the leading pictures have an equal amount of money paid to them in the Art Gallery, the earliest postmark will win. The contest starts NOW. Let's have a HELLUVA GOOD TIME and get rich off of one of our best shots! Contest entries accepted until 2359 GMT Friday (or 5:59 PM Central Time US). Cash Register opens the next morning at or about 1600 GMT (10:00 AM Central Time US) Saturday.
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