AJ Franklin PRO 7:28pm, 26 December 2006
View the SLIDESHOW of winners that were in the pool and tagged appropriately. Now we have added the winners of all contests. Enjoy!


Alan (AJ)
HELLUVA SHOT!! Contest Admin
WOW!! Thank you so much for picking two of my photos..I am so honored..Very much appreciated!!!
rich66 ~~ 12 years ago
Awesome slideshow, congratulations to all of the winners whose photos are a part of this. Excellent work!
DHJ.V 12 years ago
Great idea!
congr's to the winners...nice going..awesome job Sis...(msummerchick)
mischy_eva PRO 12 years ago
Congratulations to all winners, lovely shots.
trondjs 12 years ago
Great slideshow, I 'm honoured to have one of mine in there! Thanks for tagging it too, AJ Franklin, I was away on holiday and wasn't aware that my photo deserved the "helluva_winner"-tag for it's honourable mention in one of the earlier contests! The slideshow's a great collection of photos!
leafy 12 years ago
yes, this should be done for each contest! ... great job!
AJ Franklin PRO Posted 12 years ago. Edited by AJ Franklin (admin) 12 years ago
Thank you all for your appreciation, but all I did was format a slide show! The photogs and members of our wonderful group did ONE HELLUVA JOB!! in taking these pictures and voting on them. In viewing in their mind, and putting it on the page. Truly a miracle that unites all of us in this wonderful world of photography we call Flickr.

Stand by for the next contest that will begin after New Year's Day. We have a sensational year of photography fun in store right here in HELLUVA SHOT!! Invite your contacts to join so we have even more entries and votes.

Special thanks go out to Duvina (Bec Thomas Photography), one of our ADMINS who is always there for you and us...she has been instrumental in producing the ADMIN'S CHOICE BLOG which gives our photogs more exposure in a different format, a bi-weekly or more often Blog of your photos.

Again...Congratulations to the winners and the members for your great imaginative participation in our contests!

Cheers, and Happy NEW YEAR!!

Alan (AJ)
Izobelle 12 years ago
Wow! Those pictures are all fabulous! Congratulations!
AJ Franklin PRO 12 years ago
I just added the latest group of winners from our last contest, The Helluva Bucks Art Gallery, into the slideshow mix! Be sure and click SLIDESHOW to see all the beautifulness!
KaCey97078 PRO 12 years ago
The choice of winners is great.. Each one deserved to be a winner... Thanks to the Admins for doing such a wonderful job on this!!!!
Carla Finley PRO 12 years ago
HooRay! The slide show is excellent! I couldn't see them before but now that I'm not on dial-up it's great! Thank you AJ
orange letters [deleted] 12 years ago
Very impressive!
wow what awesome photos...they are all so stunning.
jlborelli 12 years ago
Amazing photos, all fabulous. I'm really honored to have one of mine in there. Thanks for share your great job. Thanks AJ. !!
johncpiercy PRO 12 years ago
Some very nice pictures ,,,,well done everyone

Thanks to AJ and staff for a great group here
Congratulations to the winners

AJ Franklin PRO 12 years ago
Added the Bokeh winners to the slideshow. Marvelous viewing if you have a chance!
AJ Franklin PRO 11 years ago
Added the latest group of Helluva Bucks winners! Quite an amazing slide show demonstrating the talent in our members!
rverspirit 11 years ago
Thanks to all who voted for my photo,congratulations to all who participated and special thanks to the Admins for their efforts to create and manage this venue .... all for the love of their chosen form of artisitc expression....the Photograph!!
Åsta PRO 11 years ago
Huh - the slideshow didn't find no such photos when I tried it. But congratulations to the winners anyway :-)
AJ Franklin PRO 11 years ago have to use the link at the very top of this thread--or click here---> SLIDESHOW
Congratulations to all the winners! Each had special images that deserved recognition.
second-hand memory [deleted] 11 years ago
A helluva slideshow! Congrats to all!
~Princess Kitteh~ 11 years ago
that was beautiful !!!!! congrats everyone !
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