AJ Franklin PRO 3:52am, 9 December 2006
Please look at the pictures in the "A MOST IMPORTANT EVENT (In my life)" CONTEST thread and choose your favorite photo. Judge both the event and, to a lesser degree, the technical quality. This contest was the only one HELLUVA SHOT!! will have where the content is as important, or more important than technical quality.

Remember its Entry #... Voting is for the rest of the weekend.

All photos in the "A MOST IMPORTANT EVENT..." thread are numbered. All voters will need to do is to "reply to this topic" in the last box at the bottom of this thread and put down "I choose #??". Additional comments are welcomed.

One vote per member. Good luck to all of our wonderful entrants!
beautiful tax [deleted] 12 years ago
i choose #9... that is life!
~Princess Kitteh~ 12 years ago
I choose # 3
andrewlee1967 12 years ago
I choose #17
And who am i PRO 12 years ago
Entry # 9 for me
East End Girl 1968 12 years ago
My choice #3, I love the expression on her face!
Missy2004 PRO Posted 12 years ago. Edited by Missy2004 (member) 12 years ago
My vote for #18
HenrysCat PRO 12 years ago
Entry #14
Entry #18
AJ Franklin PRO 12 years ago
@Solen-Anthon...I am afraid you must force yourself to vote for only one :-))
AJ Franklin PRO 12 years ago
I choose Entry #5. I am reminded of the wonderful times my wife and I have had on holiday...Nice shot Andy!
purring rake [deleted] 12 years ago
I choose entry #22.
Matt_Steele1977 12 years ago
I choose entry #24. The start of a great hobby.
grateful circle [deleted] 12 years ago
my vote is for #14 then is a great shot
Alberto Nogueira Jr 12 years ago
I choose entry #19 - a really beautiful moment...
Lederman Studio 12 years ago
It's a toss up between 9 & 3. I choose 9 because grandpas are a sacred thing. my newborn daughter (below) got to sit in the arms of her grandpa a month before he died.

I hope nobody minds, but here would have been my entry... another birth photo (and another Madison). I love all of your guys' photos. always a surprise and a pleasure.
rich66 ~~ 12 years ago
I choose entry #16

All photos were great and difficult to choose from but something about a mother and newborn bonding is really special. Well done to all!
Chris B7v 12 years ago

Diifficult contest, well done all!
totomai PRO 12 years ago
orange letters [deleted] 12 years ago
Barbara J H PRO 12 years ago
It made me laugh!
AtillaSoylu PRO 12 years ago
technically and artistically the #4 for sure.
iam4ranny 12 years ago
I Choose #11
I choose #20
Flash2007 12 years ago
#4 since I like the figurative approach of the subject and because the technical quality is great.
buckskinfilly 12 years ago
#11 is the one I choose. I love the composition!
jojoandrada 12 years ago
# 8
superb umbrella [deleted] 12 years ago
AJ Franklin PRO 12 years ago
The BALLOT BOX is now closed. Results will be announced shortly!
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