AJ Franklin PRO 2:06am, 27 November 2006
And the winner with 5 votes is Entry # 10:
-- from Chris Blomquist - (?)

In a dead heat for second place, and the winner by early placement with 4 votes is Entry #6:
-- from Born Sleepy - (?)

In Third Place, winner by early placement with 4 votes is Entry #17:
-- from AtillaSoylu - (?)

And a special winner in this week's contest, Honorable Mention goes to, with 4 votes as well, Entry #32:
-- from munzz - (?)

And Second Honorable Mention with 4 votes as well at placement Entry #34:
-- from DHJ.V - (?)

This contest, like our previous contests, was very hard to judge because of the beauty and creativity of our members.

Congratulations to our winners. The next contest opens Monday Morning (Tomorrow) with Matty Parker as administrator. Early posting matters a great deal, since almost all except the first place winner were judged by their Entry number. Get in early...Matty is in UK and his contest should begin about 0900 GMT. Check back because he may open it sooner or a little later.

And special thanks to Andrew Lee for his great administration of this "In The Home" event.


Chris B7v 12 years ago
My goodness! Thank you everybody! I just got home an hour ago from being away for a few days and I find that I won a comp! I am so sorry I didn't have access to a computer to vote for the great entries, I'll try not to miss the next one. Thank you again!
Matt_Steele1977 12 years ago
Well worthy winner. Congrats Chris!!
Left Flickr 12 years ago
Congrats to the winner! Great shot!
purring rake [deleted] Posted 12 years ago. Edited by purring rake (member) 12 years ago
Yep, congratulations. Good to see a widespread of votes in these fun little contests so far I think. Just goes to show there's no such thing as universally good or bad photos. Just ones you like and ones you don't.
AtillaSoylu PRO 12 years ago
thanks everybody for the votes.
and congrats to the other winner and thanks for the organizer and other contestants. very nice competition, and great pictures.
AJ Franklin PRO 12 years ago
If any of the winners or contest participants would like a free Google G-Mail account, please flickrmail me.
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