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CLOSED *CONTEST* "Out and About"

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Matt_Steele1977 says:

I've been given the honour of running this weeks contest. The theme I've chosen is going to be natural landscapes.

The rules are pretty simple. The landscapes must be natural, i.e. have no man-made objects in them like buildings, cars, bridges etc (you get the idea). The exceptions to the rules that will be allowed are fences, dry-stone walls, gates so long as they are made from natural resourses. So, no steel gates or barbed wire :-)

I'm sure we've all got plenty of landscape photos in our streams so find your best and post it up after this weeks contest is over. If not, get out and about this weekend and do some snapping.

1. go to the photo's page in your own photostream
2. Above the photo, find the button "All Sizes" and click it
3. When the large photo opens look at the sizes available, and click on "small" size.
4. Below the small size photo will be two lines of HTML code. Choose the biggest line (Line 1) and highlight with the mouse--
5. Cntl+C to copy the text in the HTML box
6. Return to the contest page and open the discussion for the contest; (the page you are on now as you read this) go to the last item on the bottom of the list and you will see a box to add your own comments.
7. Put the cursor in that box and press Cntl+V to paste the HTML code directly into the comment box.
8. Click "SAVE" and you have your picture, in the correct small size, in the contest!
9. Only one entry per member.

All ties will be determined by the EARLIEST ENTRY NUMBER
Originally posted at 3:16AM, 25 November 2006 PDT (permalink)
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