AJ Franklin PRO 3:37pm, 2 November 2006
Thank you for your beautiful work, and welcome to the Admin table!
andrewlee1967 12 years ago
Hi Matt blah, blah,blah......LOL :-)
Matt_Steele1977 12 years ago
Thanks guys. Glad to be part of the team...

Bec Thomas Photography 12 years ago
Yippy! Now I expect the greatest pic of all time out of you, oh and I want to see a lemon taken in the dark with no ambient light. j/k Gratz man.
Cid** 12 years ago
Hi!!!!!! Congratulations to the new members!!!!! Welcome!!!!!:O)))

(I have been out and now my computer isn´t working well.....
That's the reason of my silence!!! I'm almost crazy with it!!!!!)
AJ Franklin PRO 12 years ago
Nice to see you back in action Cid! All of us know the frustration of computer problems. Take care and do what you were missed!
Cobra064 12 years ago
Congratulations Parker2.
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