AJ Franklin PRO 11:06pm, 30 October 2006
Our democratic forum welcomes another to the ADMIN table, Bec Thomas. See her profile and give her a HELLUVA HELLO!

As more and more of us become Admins, the question will arise as to what do we do as Admins. My feeling is that with so many great photogs putting their work in here there really won't be much to do except for tagging other's pictures (if they are forgetful like I tend to be) with "Helluva," inviting their contacts to join if they wish to, inviting other great photos to post here via the script, and perhaps coming up with ideas for games or contests.

Anyone who has ten pictures in the group now, please be aware that it is hard to keep up with the accounting, and please notify one of the admins so that you may be duly promoted!

Once again a HELLUVA HELLO to Duvyna and thanks to her for posting her great shots with us!

Bec Thomas Photography 12 years ago
Hi, thx Alan, great group, lots of wonderful pix to look at.
andrewlee1967 12 years ago
Hi Duv, Welcome to "helluva shot" looking forward to seeing more of your pics.
Matt_Steele1977 12 years ago
Hello duvyna. Congrats on becoming Admin.
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