AJ Franklin PRO 1:30am, 30 October 2006
In our democratic group, the Admin responsibility is earned by simply posting 10 "HELLUVA SHOTS" and commenting appropriately. I am happy to announce that Bill Deneau has been promoted to ADMIN and will be taking on a share of responsibility in this quickly growing group.

View his profile and give a HELLUVA HELLO! to Bill Deneau! On behalf of Cid and Andy, I thank Bill for his contributions.
Bec Thomas Photography 12 years ago
andrewlee1967 12 years ago
Hi Bill
Congratulations and a big welcome to "helluva shot"!
fluffy morning [deleted] 12 years ago
Congrats Bill-
Matt_Steele1977 12 years ago
Welcome Mr Admin. Please feel free to follow me around adding a 'Helluva' tag when I forget!! :-)
andrewlee1967 12 years ago
Hey Matt, when yov'e posted a few more pics You'll be Mr Admin and adding "helluva" when I forget :-)
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