Rafiqul Awal 11:43am, 20 October 2012

I want to buy a MC HELIOS 44M-7 58mm /1:2 for my Nikon D3100 Body that i will buy from my local stores, but, i have to buy the HELIOS 44M-7 from ebay as its not available in my country.

I checked other threads, im confused about the fakes lenses so i need your help.

Im thinking of buying the lens from that ebay seller, do you think thats a real one? although it has 7 serial no. but it does starts with 96....

and do you think D3100+ helios 44 -7 would be a good choice?

your help is truly anticipated.

few purpose [deleted] 6 years ago
I think you would be best with a Canon or a Pentax...

...but there's nothing suspicious looking about that lens at all. That's not to say you can know for certain, but everything checks out. "96" at the front of the serial number just shows it was made in 1996. That is not inconsistent with it being a 44M-7.
phοtοcraft 6 years ago
The lens seems legit.

I would suggest either a Sony or a Pentax - gives all the vintage lenses in-body stabilization. Plus all the entry level cameras are more similar than they are different. But if you're worried people will make fun of you, get a Canon.
ErdenizS 6 years ago
If you'll delve deep into manual lenses, I'd suggest Canon or Pentax. I went Canon for this reason, among some others.

Sony is also not bad, since it has in body vibration reduction system and as far as I know focuses to infinty with M42 lenses. Though, optical viewfinders I've seen on Sony bodies were horrible and manual focusing can be a pain, electronic viewfinders are, at least the ones I've seen, not fast and precise enough for MF mostly, but I think higher end Sony bodies would do just fine with thier advanced EVFs.

All that said, I'd still say, if what you'll shoot are close up, detail and portraits, then there is some merit in using a Nikon body without correction glass equiped adapters.

When you use a no-optic M42 adapter on Nikon body, lens is like on a short extension tube, and may focus a bit closer than it's design specifications. Also, due to that difference in flange focal distance and closer focusing than what's usual, my Meyer Optik 50mm gives dreamy soft focus and glow effects at 1.8.
On the down side however, D3100 won't meter at all with these lenses and you will need to use camera at manual mode without any kind of metering. Unless you set, from a menu setting, to have your built in flash to be in manual mode, it won't fire when an adapted lens is on.
Some of Nikon cameras that can meter with manual lenses are :
D200,D300(S),D7000 and all full frames.

I did go Canon from a Nikon D5100 since I like MF lenses a lot. With Canon you can use lenses from many other mounts. Besides M42 lenses, I can shoot with a 55mm 1.2 Pentax lens I borrowed from a friend, and if I want to plug my Nikon mount lenses (which I have passed to my sister now) I will just need to get a F mount adapter for Canon.
Rafiqul Awal 6 years ago
Thanks for your precious time to reply :),

I know about the AF and MF thing on Nikon and canon in body.

but my budget is really tight :(

My budget is around USD 500 = BDT. 40,000 ($1 = 80TK).

In my country I can get a D3100 body with 1 year service warranty for BDT. 32000 (thats like 400 USD) thats really cheap. so its the only thing on my budget.

I like Canon but they are expensive for my budget, and the body's like 450D or 500D are not available, but 2nd hand.

And about Pentax, its not available in my country at all. whether its new or old, if they were available i would defiantly go for it.. :\ I really like the Pentax K-r and K-30.

now, I just want to invest on a good prime lens for now. either on nikon 50mm 1.8D or helios 44mm-7. but, I really like the Helios 44m-7 Bokeh.

I just don't want to get Canon 1100D, because, i don't like them that much. but they does have in body focus motor.

so, which one would you prefer more - D3100 or Pentax K-r or canon bodies?

ErdenizS 6 years ago
Pentax K-5, K-7 and K-30 are all awesome bodies, IMHO, they offer more camera for money then either Nikon or Canon.

What I did, was, passing my 1 year old brand new D5100 to my sister and getting two used, second hand Canons. I have a 5D and 40D. If you can find trustworthy dealers for secondhand bodies in your area, by all means go for a better secondhand body rather than a new entry level Nikon. If you'll get Nikon at least try to get one from above entry level models, they're very good cameras, but I'd avoid any Nikon entry leves like plague, and would suggest othet people to do so as well, especially if they will venture into manual lenses.

Though, you mention AF, you do realize that Helios are manual focus lenses right?

Seriously though, I'd veer away from D3100, you can wait for something else to get cheaper, or if you can find a clean good condition 2nd hand camera can get for just as cheap.
Rafiqul Awal 6 years ago
yes, i know helios is manual. :)

and thanks for the suggestions, I once tried to buy one 40D, but bad luck find non that good enough.

Im confused now, I think i will wait for some more money to buy a better body.
Rafiqul Awal 6 years ago
OK, one last thing, I have decided to go for the CANON 600D because i have found it cheaper and under my budget and its a Brand new too.

So do you think it would be a good choice now to have a 600D with a helios 44m-7?

ErdenizS 6 years ago
As far as I know it meters just fine with manual lenses, 44m-7 will focus to infinity on it, and 600D's built in flash has commander mode, which will come very handy if you buy canon dedicated flashes in future.

It has a better sensor than D3100 as well. I believe it'll be a better choice for sure.
Rafiqul Awal 6 years ago
Hi, WinterH83, I have just bought the Helios 44m-7 with a Zenit 122 body.

Now, please advice which adapter to use for my D3100? i did researched about the adapter and its really confusing, although one suggest me to get a M42 Adapter with optical correction.

some images of the lens:
Helios 44M-7 58 mm f/2 lens by Rafiqul Awal

Helios 44M-7 58 mm f/2 lens by Rafiqul Awal

please advice.

ErdenizS 6 years ago
Depends on what you will shoot with it.

I would suggest NOT to go for an adapter with corrective optic. If you want to use the lens for other stuff than portrait / close up / detail etc, which will require you to be able to focus on things further away from around 4 meters, you will need that correcting optic. But it will degrade image quality and make you lose some light (1 f stop if I recall right).

I used a simple cheap and no extra glass M42 adapters when I shot with Nikon D5100. I wouldn't buy optic equipped ones unless I positively want to use them at infinity. I used my M42 lenses for portrait and close up detail, so it was almost a plus with no infinity corrected lenses for me. If you want to shoot tele, landscape, street etc, you will need optical corrected ones though, I don't have a lot of information about them since I never really wanted one.

That's one of catches of shooting M42 lenses on a Nikon body.
Rafiqul Awal Posted 6 years ago. Edited by Rafiqul Awal (member) 6 years ago
Thanks, right now, i also want to just shoot portrait and close up with it.

one plus point is that, the lens cost me only about $40. :D

I will then search for the Normal M42 for my Nikon.

thanks again :)
Rafiqul Awal Posted 6 years ago. Edited by Rafiqul Awal (member) 6 years ago

today i have bought this adapter:

not from this website, but the same thing from a person in my country.

now, I did attached it to my D3100, but i can't have any control on aperture.

i know its all manual, but whenever i manually change the aperture ring the blades doesn't move, so all i have is a wide open lens and just the working manual zoom. :(

but the aperture pin works fine, as i have tested it with the zenit 122.

now, how do you set the aperture? to get a creamier bokeh?

i did took some photos i will upload them within some hours.

i doesn't have any optical glass or anything its just a simple nikon mount adapter.

please advice!

Rafiqul Awal 6 years ago
here is the shots, although they are edtied in lightroom:


Rafiqul Awal 6 years ago
ok, i think i have found the solution,


but still if you have something better, please suggest.

ErdenizS 6 years ago
This indeed is the solution :)
few purpose [deleted] 6 years ago
I have converted a 44M-6 in this way. But rather than a paperclip, I cut a piece of the plastic tube in a ballpoint pen refill.

Make sure that whatever you do is reversible, so these classic lenses can stay in one piece.
Rafiqul Awal Posted 6 years ago. Edited by Rafiqul Awal (member) 6 years ago
I did the conversion properly and its working just fine.

but i don't know why, im not getting that clear images, when i use the lens it feel like the color are little pale/ not the real colors, and when i took it become more pale, and im also not getting the pure sharpness, even my kit len 18-55mm to be honest is giving me more bright and great sharpness.

I know may be im not still that much stable enough for a pure sharpness. but still i tried well and does get some results, though i dont like it, i have seen peoples images, those were just sharp as blades, my biggest disappointment was on the colors actually, i dont know why, but the color look really pale, i tried many manual settings but still im not getting it, and in night its just too bad both the image quality and colors.

there is one thing that is, there is a mark on the middle on one of glass element inside i guess that is very colorful but its like the middle coating is scratched or taken off, except this everything else looks very clean and fresh.

Im confused as i don't know actually how to express it, but i did tried to took some photos of it, im guessing that because of this whole or ripped of coating may be the reason why im getting the colors not be accurate.

and yes i dont use the UV filter as suggested by

im sorry, if im giving you hard time about this lens issues and with bad English, but i had to make this clear, whether that whole meant anything wrong?

here is the images of the lens:

few purpose [deleted] Posted 6 years ago. Edited by few purpose (member) 6 years ago
Your lens looks sharp to me. The Nikon 18-55mm kit lens is also sharp, but remember you will never get the same narrow depth of field effects with that.

Colour problems may be over-exposure. And remember that other people may be sharpening their pictures.

remember also that kit lenses do not go as wide as f2, and the wider aperture lenses always hav3e softer focus at the wider apertures.You need to compare them at the same aperture. The 58mm lens has to be compared with another 58mm f2.
Rafiqul Awal Posted 6 years ago. Edited by Rafiqul Awal (member) 6 years ago
Midori no Saru:

did you checked that image? those white dots? does those are ok?

yes i know its not fair to compare 18-55 with a prime types of lenses, i just want to know, if there is anything wrong with my lens., cause i dont haev any other lens to compare, only these 2.

Im a little but concerned with the middle thing on the back of the lens that is inside on some colored glass element i think.

the images i have on the SET "Helio Bokeh" are all edited and made the color more bright and enhanced.
few purpose [deleted] 6 years ago
Are you referring to the spot in the centre of the lens?

It is difficult for me to see if it is just a reflection or not. If it is not a reflection - it is surprising what little difference these imperfections can make.

I have, in the past, been able to remove some dust from inside a lens merely by using a blower bulb, without having to open the lens at all.

If I were you I would use this lens a lot more and see what results you get. Take a lot of portraits with it, and enjoy yourself.
ErdenizS 6 years ago
Happened to me first times I used it as well.

Don't worry, it is sharper then 18-55 VR alright. Especially by f/5.6 it gets pin sharp. You need to get used to nail both focus and exposure.

What you have on that set are nice, but exposure seems off (either plus or minus) on most of them, this will cause loss of detail most of the times.

Also at f/2 you will have some loss of color and contrast loss, can be fixed easily on post processing. Never used 44m-7, but helios are usually rendering rich colors in my experience, may a bit too warm at times.
Rafiqul Awal Posted 6 years ago. Edited by Rafiqul Awal (member) 6 years ago
Thanks, i know, may be im not diong it correctly that is why im not getting sharper images, im also new on photography so yeah it will take time.

but my main concern about colors actually came from that spot on the middle of the glass, that is actually inside of some kind of multi-colored glass and only the middle seems to be a spot that looks like the coating is somehow scratched.

that is why i asked whether its a problem on lens.
ErdenizS 6 years ago
I really don't think it will cause a noticable effect on image unless shot was under extreme backlight condititons like camera looking directly at sun or similarly bright light source.
Rafiqul Awal 6 years ago
Ok. Thanks : )
Rafiqul Awal Posted 6 years ago. Edited by Rafiqul Awal (member) 6 years ago
Midori no Saru:



How are you people doing! :)

ok, I have found an another Helios 44m on sale in my area, its 44m-4.


Now, as you know i already own a 44m-7, but for some reason i have found recently that im loosing the control over it, when I use the veiw finder and take a shot the focus gets blurred and not in the position i have seen on the view finder, but when i take a shot using live view, the focus remains what i have seen on the liveview mode!

I though maybe im making some mistakes when i use viewfinder, so tried it carefully again 2/3 times, but the results are not what i wanted and saw on the viewfinder. but live view mode is doing exactly what i wanted.

What is going wrong in there? could you guys please help me in this.

Flower-1 by Rafiqul Awal

this photo is taken when i used the live view mode, as i couldn't make it happen when i use the view finder.

Now, One more thing, i have found the 44m-4, should i also buy it? what do you say? do you think 44m-4 would be better than 44m-7, as i know on of you have it.

your advice is highly appropriated.

phοtοcraft 6 years ago
Silly question, but does your viewfinder diopter need adjusting?
few purpose [deleted] 6 years ago
I think I would stick to using the live view, at maxiumum aperture.

On a lot of consumer DSLRs, the viewfinder gives a restricted view of the lens, optically speaking, in that it only shows the DOF as it would be at a maximum aperture of f2.8. This does not allow precise focusing at wider apertures.

To check this, set your camera up on a tripod, and close focus on something. Set the lens to f2. Compare the blur in the background, using the viewfinder, and then the live view. On my DSLRs, I find the apparent background blur is greater in live view, and when looking at the results, of course.
Rafiqul Awal 6 years ago
Midori no Saru:

Thanks for the suggestions, but i don't have Tripod right now to test it.

I used the view finder before, and i didn't have any problem with it, it was recently that im facing this problem.

right now im using only the live view mode.

anywasy, do you think i should also go for that Helios 44m-4? or should i just stick with the 44m-7?

Christos Theofilogiannakos Posted 6 years ago. Edited by Christos Theofilogiannakos (member) 6 years ago
Here's my suggestion: Stop buying those M42s so that their prices will drop and become affordable for us poor souls who still use them with the film cameras they were supposed to be on from the beginning... ;-) I mean, how many more flower close-ups and endless discussions on "bokeh this, and bokeh that" can the Human Race take?
siegfriedthieffen 6 years ago
Salve. I don't know about helios 44-m with F mount. I have one Arsat with F mount and it's so fine that I sold the Nikon 50mm f/1.8.But let's talk about HELIOS. I have 2: 44 ( the optic block of helios 44 m39 mount like your's moved in a mecanical block of 44-2 m42 mount) so preset aperture and 13 iris petals and 44M-4 with 6 iris petals.I use with 2 zenit, 2praktica mtl5b, 1 canon elan II e and fujifilm s5pro. With fujifilm I use an adaptor with lens. I noticed that: At f/2 you will never had sharp image at infinity focus with such a lens! At f/2.8, Helios 44M-4 provide a pretty decent sharpness, but still not enough. From f/4 to F/16 it's very sharp!
The helios 44 it's used only for portrait and macro.
So it's a very good lens for any other digital camera but nikon.
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