IrenicRhonda 12:37pm, 28 July 2010
1006 04 to Butt of Lewis  (154)

Not nature I'm afraid but can someone slake our curiosity anyway?

We saw a lot of these all over the Isle of Lewis but not on Harris. Even though there are no signs/timetables we had just about decided they were bus shelters when we came across one that was about 20 yards from the road. The road was also on an embankment so it was about 5ft lower down than the road
howbeg 8 years ago
They are for the rural sheep to get the bus into Stornoway
Calum Swanson 8 years ago
That'll be the "maws" you are refering to. :-)
Zoay 8 years ago
We were wondering what they were too.
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