James Morrison 1:31pm, 14 September 2006
“Colmcille are looking for photos that will capture the vibrance, richness and significance of the people and landscapes of our natural, rural and new urban Gaeltachts of Ireland and Scotland” the Belfast based CEO added that “this should be a dream opportunity for all amateur photographers who take an interest in the Gaelic heritage of the Gaeltacht”

Open till 6th October

www.colmcille.net/downloads/Photo comp.pdf
Mαciomhαir 12 years ago
Thanks for the heads-up. Looks good. I'd also advise a little browsing of the www.colmcille.net website itself, seems rather interesting.
Gareth Harper PRO 11 years ago
The autumn camera shows is when most manufacturers will launch their latest models.

I'll be surprised if the 5D is not updated, it's almost two years old now.

There are also rumours that Sony has a 35mm DSLR almost ready to launch.

And look out for news of Kodak’s new sensor technology. We might yet see digital cameras with the dynamic range and full colour of film. This could be a major breakthrough. Or it might be all hype again.

Exciting times.
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