Mαciomhαir 5:08pm, 8 January 2006
After a Christmas/New Year trip home to the isles, I've come back with about 600 photos. I could just flood everywhere with them, but that'd get a bit annoying, so I'm just posting a few to certain groups and here's a list of the relevant sets in case anyone's interested...

* Christmas/New Year Trip 05/06 to Hebrides Set - Pretty self-explanatory, it's the "mother-set" for all the others. It'll end up being all 600 (well all of the 600 I decide to post) of the photos.
* Aignish - Home to a ruined church dedicated to St Columba, and burial place for the MacLeod chiefs of Lewis.
* Black Houses - How we used to live. Some of these were inhabited until the 1970s.
* Calanais - The standing stones at Calanais (may include one or two older photos).
* Dun Carloway Broch - The Broch at Dun Carloway, a kind of Iron Age fort.
* Garry Beach Garry Beach, Cliffs, Caves and Surroundings
* Norse Mill & Kiln, Shawbost - A Norse Mill and Kiln near Shawbost, Isle of Lewis.
* Point - A Peninsula on Lewis.
* Stornoway - The town on the Island of Lewis.
* Stornoway - Castle Grounds - The Castle and its surroundings.

Many (but not all) have links to Wikipedia articles in their descriptions. There will be more added over the next few days too, this is only about half of them so-far.

Here's a taste of the images to get you interested:

Calanais Stones at Sunset 15
Dun Carloway Broch Overlooking Panorama
St Columba's Church, Aiginis, Isle of Lewis
hesitant building [deleted] Posted 12 years ago. Edited by hesitant building (member) 12 years ago
The calanais stones...
I remembered my own trip to the isle of Lewis in November/December 2004
The wind was so hard, none of my pictures of the stones were sharp
Luckily I'm going back this year, making new pictures
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