Autumm 12:26am, 28 May 2008
So I just wanted to bring this up and see what others had to say, if anything.

The other day I head out to lunch with some co-workers and figure that I am going to be 'bad' as we are eating out. But they took me to Chipotle and there is this big sign on how they only serve meat from veggie fed animals that are hormone free, and it is a really big sign right on the overhead menu, I don't eat meat but I thought 'hu... thats cool'.

Then as we are eating I notice that there is all this writing on my drink cup. It is the whole story about rBGH growth hormone and how they make sure that the cows that produce the sour cream are not injected with it. And the majority of the story is about the growth hormone and how it is banned in every other country but the US.

I also found out that the cheese that they use is produced with a vegetable rennet to assure that it is safe for vegetarians. And that they make sure that the black beans and rice are veggie too.

I think this is great but I mean they are this big chain so it feels too good to be true. I am just wondering what others thought?
I ate there once out of desperation. We were starving & in the middle of nowhere, or at least nowhere near any organic/vegan/vegetarian restaurants. It tasted good, but was half my days calories & 3x's too much sodium/salt.
1313 calories should only have 1313mg OR LESS in sodium/salt, it had 3981mg

"McDonald's Corporation owned a majority interest in Chipotle. McDonald's has since sold their entire stake in Chipotle; full divestment was completed in October of 2006."

Had McDonald's still owned it, I would not have stopped there. I'm not particularly fond of eating excessive amounts of chemicals or anti-foaming agent.

None of the veggies were grown locally. The employees thought that maybe the beans were grown locally, but they really did not seem to understand the purpose of my question. They were extremely nice though.

Their meat is not certified organic, so it is not free-range, could come from downer cows, or cows confined to vats of their own poop, & still be fed cardboard soaked in GMO pesticide-intensive cottonseed oil.

It's still pretty much fast food / junk food / empty calories, even if you only get veggies, rice & beans.
Autumm 9 years ago
Yes this is all true....

I guess what I like about it is that these normal fast foodies go in there for a burrito and learn about rBGH.... I don't know if it will make a difference but it is nice to think of more people being exposed to such things.... even if it is still junk food in the end.
Autumm 9 years ago
Hey thanks for that link too... that is a cool calculator
Heath & the B.L.T. boys PRO Posted 9 years ago. Edited by Heath & the B.L.T. boys (admin) 9 years ago
True, the more people that learn about rBGH & rBST, the better.
Also, meat is treated w/ Carbon Monoxide gas to keep it blood red & 'looking fresh' even if it is spoiled.
NatTheNutritionist 8 years ago
Today I stood in line for 2 hours because Chipotle was giving out anything on the entree menu for free to Cardinals fans to celebrate our (Arizona's) getting into the superbowl. I don't really like the superbowl, but I Did like the Super Bowl of salad with black beans that I ate for lunch today!
mikescottnz PRO 8 years ago
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