PeterJosef 3:26am, 18 October 2007
Who are you, where do you shoot, and what do you shoot with?
rattus1979 10 years ago
Hi, I'm Greg.
I shoot where ever I happen to be (Queensland Australia mostly)
shooting with a pentax *ist
Lenses 28-80, 80-210 and 10-20 wide (my favourite)
Still learning about HDR and post processing (very much an Amateur) any and all feedback welcome
pkblues53 10 years ago
Hello there, My name is Patrick.
I live and shoot in the Pacific North West (North Olympic Peninsula) Washington State USA. I shoot mostly with a Canon SX100is but somtimes use a Nikon N80 35mm w/70-300.
Very new to the HDR thing and appreciate feedback..good or bad.. :-)
skaliwag 10 years ago
Hi my name is Kurt.
I shoot on the Fleurieu Peninsula south of Adelaide in South Australia because it is where i live. I will be going to Indo soon so watch this space.
I have a Canon EOS 400D with lenses at 50mm f1.8 and 28-105 USM II f3.5.4.5.
As with those who have posted before me I am new to HDR so constructive criticism is always useful.
Pensans 10 years ago
Hi, my name is Jools, I live in north Wales UK, on a island so I am surrounded with beautiful beaches and coves. I use a Canon EOS 30D and mainly a standard 17-55 lens. Glad to find this group!
Damian Robson 9 years ago
Hello, my name is Damian, i live in the north Highlands of Scotland. i use a nikon D200 with a 18-200 lens,i am after a 10mm lens and a macro.New to hdr so any feedback would be great.
Onlyonestasia 9 years ago
My name is Anastasia, Stasia for short. I live work and play in Scotland on the west coast. I have a Ricoh R7 compact but seems to do all the singing and dancing I need with excellent macro. My friend has loaned me a Cannon SLR EOS 3?? , must admit I find it quite a challenge, heavy to lug about. Playing about with HDR and love the results. Take a peek............
Cagey75 9 years ago
My name is Keith, I live in the South East of Ireland - Soon moving up to the Midlands and will be closer to some nice beaches, hopefully I'll get some great shots up there.
raw4pics 9 years ago
Hi, my name is Robert. I live in Southern California. I recently upgraded to a Nikon D300. I have an 18-200 mm lens and just purchased a Tokina 11-16 mm wide angle (I was inspired by seeing so many great HDR images shot with it). I'm a beginner at HDR and hope to learn from members of groups like this one.
Aaron Dinham 8 years ago
My name is Aaron i live in Cornwall, England.
I love landscape and seascape photography and have been shooting a fair bit of hdr lately. Please do check out my work but please leave only comments and not these cheesey awards every one feels the need to post.
Darcy Moore PRO 8 years ago
Hi folks,

I live in Kiama, NSW, Australia and shoot with a Nikon D90. My fav lenses are my 105mm Nikkor macro and Tokina 11-16mm. I have just started experimenting with HDR, using Lightroom 3 and Photomatix. I like the quality of the shots as this group and hope to learn from folks here. Criticism welcomed!

Hi, Kaz from Leeds UK. I shoot mainly with Canon 5D and 17-40mm lens. Just started experimenting with HDR work using Photomatix. Have to say not overly keen on very obvious HDR images but I think in moderation it adds a new dimension to a photo. Looking forward to seeing all of you's work!
Sturlaz PRO 4 years ago
Im Ivar Sturla, I currently work as a Waldorf Teacher, but i'm also a musician and photographer,
I shoot mainly in the area surrounding Bergen in the south vest of Norway.
I shoot mostly with my Nikon D600 mainly with wide angel lenses (Samyang 14mm, Tokina 20-35mm) for my HDR work but sometimes with other lenses depending on the actual situation.
I get inspired from the magic of the light here in vestern Norway!
williams.darrell53 3 years ago

G'day I'm Darrell and I shoot mainly around the Hunter Valley region of New South Wales Australia. I've only been involved in photography for a little over a year. I use a Canon 600D.
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