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Vinyl Redux Show

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Evil Telepathic Monkey says:



No this is NOT a vinyl toy show- does the world really need to manufacture more vinyl crap for creative types to paint on? We think not. We believe there's more than enough Ray Coniff Singers and Air Supply vinyl records to go around for the next 100 years.


ART- That's right folks, we're seeking altered vinyl records as art. Although the classic lp is the most popular canvas, all sizes are welcome, as well as altered record covers if that's your thing. All media is also welcome including 3D, as long it involves records. But please- none of those lps melted over coffee cans as bowls! Save those for the local hipster craft fair.

ENTRY FEE/COMMISION: The entry fee is 10$ and each artist can submit up to 10 pieces. Particularly prolific artists may be able to submit more pieces for an additional fee at the discretion of the curator. The gallery commission is 30% on all sales. Out of town residents are responsible for all shipping fees to and from the gallery.

THE GALLERY: The Funhouse Gallery is a new gallery in Detroit that will open this spring focusing on alternative types of art such as outsider, lowbrow, and street art (the Vinyl Redux Show will be it's grand opening). It is a 1300 square foot gallery located in the Russell Industrial Center, an abandoned Uber Industrial Complex that has been transformed by creative types into a bohemian art mecca ( ricdetroit.org/2010/?id=home ). The Funhouse is the brainchild of Mike Kelly aka Evil Telepathic Monkey ( www.flickr.com/people/twistedpoodleart/ ).

If interested email mikelly63@yahoo.com with a link to your art and I will forward you an official prospectus for the show.
6:23AM, 18 February 2011 PDT (permalink)

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Evil Telepathic Monkey says:

Vinyl Redux card front
105 months ago (permalink)

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Evil Telepathic Monkey says:

Redux card back
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