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NOTE: Apologies to Happy B-Day members at what appears to be my absence from this group. I am having a computer problem that doesn't let my posts be added to the threads. I haven't missed stopping in here daily, and, hope that a planned hard drive memory upgrade, shortly, will solve the problem.

L8o :``(


It's nice to be able to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Selecting your birth month from the hotlinked group below will bring you to the appropriate location for adding your new information.

You are also welcome to add 'children', 'pets', 'significant-others', etc., provided you designate them accordingly.


EXAMPLE: Designating correctly -

Given that 'sons', 'daughters' and 'pets' seem to be the three most popular choices, a mock example of my adding my daughter to the Happy Birthday list would begin by -

FIRST .. going to the correct MONTH.

(CLICKING on the appropriate MONTH from the above list will bring you to the page for that month's additions.)

SECOND ..Once inside the correct month's thread, I would add my entry by REPLYING to THAT current thread.

(Do NOT begin a NEW TOPIC just to post your birthday addition(s). A list page for each of the 12 months is already being compiled. Once you find the correct page - by selecting your month from the above list - scroll to the bottom of the very long string of comments on that page to locate the NEW REPLY comment box.

THIRD .. Back to my mock example of adding my daughter to the Happy Birthday list:

My comments in the new reply box for the month she was born in would include

- her designation to me: she is my daughter,
- the correct spelling of her name,
- the date I wish to add her name to.

The content of my post would resemble the following..

".. my [daughter's] name is [Jennifer]. Please add her to [Septober 32nd] .."


*cough* "Septober 32nd" is a joke people!

Wish YOUR friends a happy birthday, then we can too.
Better still, tell us if it is YOUR birthday.
Either way, let us know so we can ALL acknowledge YOUR special day!

Additional Info

  • Members can post 50 things to the pool each month.
  • Accepted content types: Photos, Videos, Images, Art, Screenshots
  • Accepted safety levels: Safe
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