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faint rain [deleted] 9:14pm, 10 May 2009

Welcome to our first edition of HAPHAZART! - a magazine for and by the Haphazart! Contemporary Abstracts group on Flickr.

Where do we go from here?

This question was raised by some members at the start of 2009 after a two year stream of activity. Why not turn our wheels and go on a ride' with little knowledge, but a lust for adventure?

Why not produce a magazine?

But how to realize such a beast, given an unpredictable workload, different time zones and our limited experience, plus time restraints - since we all had jobs in the real world?

What followed was a four month journey for four of us: hundreds of comments in hundreds of threads, endless discussions and serious quarrels, reconciliations and laughter, and finally, the magazine we are now bringing to you.

We like to thank all artists who contributed their work, without you this magazine would not exist.

Contributing Artists - 125ième f 5.6, artssake - flying the astral plane, _barb_, BisyBackson, casually, krystina, Dom Ciancibelli, ClaraL, Delay Tactics, Paul Glazier, finsmal, floebee, !formiga!, pa gillet, htakat, linkwize, linthesky, lolo~AQIC !, claudia magno, my.third.eye, Ned Lyttelton, j neuberger, Nirvana SQ, KatPi, Jukka-Pekka Kervinen, pete_pick, pink-putz, polah2006, Sabine Portela, poodly, Saintah, scribbleClick, sonofsteppe, the unbearable brightness of seeing, teloschistes, tossthecam, ubik14, undeplus, mark valentine

We hope you will enjoy this first issue of HAPHAZART! magazine, and if you find a typo call yourself blessed.

Best regards,

The Editors

Christian Kinzler, Krystina Stimakovits, Mark Sullivan, Shari Baker

Here you can order your personal copy of:
HAPHAZART! magazine

Issue 01 | May 2009
By Haphazart!
Layout & Design by Shari Baker (floebee)

Book Preview
(1 to 100 of 133 replies)
casually, krystina PRO Posted 9 years ago. Edited by casually, krystina (admin) 9 years ago
click FULL SCREEN to get a better view.
j neuberger 9 years ago
may I be the first to say: Congratulations! and Hooray! and Bottoms Up!
Guinness all around!
j neuberger 9 years ago
make that the "second!"
Looks even better than i had expected!!
C o n g r a t u l a t i o n s !!
mark valentine PRO 9 years ago
is right! Enjoy again!
Delay Tactics 9 years ago
Where's my wallet?
floebee 9 years ago

best enjoyed with a pint of guinness!!!!
faint rain [deleted] Posted 9 years ago. Edited by faint rain (member) 9 years ago
I am drunken already :-))
I need sleep now. Good night.
mark valentine PRO 9 years ago
good night, and congrats, and thanks
for all the hard work!
floebee 9 years ago
good night chris, sweet dreams!
and yes, thank you, i cant believe we finally finished it!!!
azurebumble 9 years ago
Well done. :D
casually, krystina PRO Posted 9 years ago. Edited by casually, krystina (admin) 9 years ago
Ah!! - our long lost Alan!!! Good to see you here:-)
and thanks to Jay - you wrote a fantastic piece for it. Everyone will enjoy it.
The last one of the exhausted team.
Sweet dreams everyone....we did it!!!!!!!!!!!!
mark valentine PRO Posted 9 years ago. Edited by mark valentine (member) 9 years ago
yes, thanks Alan, good to see you about, and sweet
dreams krystina, thanks for all the work - we did finally
make it!
Dom Ciancibelli Posted 9 years ago. Edited by Dom Ciancibelli (member) 9 years ago
A free pink Cadillac filled with Guinness with every purchase!
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mark valentine PRO 9 years ago
clap clap clap! what a solo!
i would like to add my word of thanks and heartfelt appreciation toward all of the editiorial team whose blood, sweat and tears have given us this magnificent looking book. i'm going to have to wait a few weeks before ordering and seeing the full product, but a pleasure delayed is a pleasure intensified.

Congratulations mark, shari, krystina and christian in no particular order. the 15 pages i see, not even 10%, sets a high benchmark for the next edition!
Delay Tactics 9 years ago
mark valentine PRO 9 years ago
great music! what a connection!
Sabine Portela PRO 9 years ago
congrats and thank you for all the work and the wonderful result. guiness is too early, but coffee isn't bad as well with tom waits.
linkwize Posted 9 years ago. Edited by linkwize (admin) 9 years ago
Can't wait for my full copy! How frustrating to be cut off at p15!
Congratulations all. What a supreme effort.
A toast to haphazard! icity

%::.! :*.:!::.::*
!::*! .! :..::**
:.!.::*:! %.! *!

pink~putz 9 years ago
a toast to the inspired team who turned a good idea into a creative reality!
........cheers to a great bunch of haphazart people who make this one of the best groups in flickrland.
Leonie Polah PRO 9 years ago
First pages on screen look excellent! My congratulations to you all!
_barb_ 9 years ago
Lookin good, just send an order off!!
Michael Lusk... 9 years ago

Good things come to those who wait !!!...Congrats to hapazart and thanks to those who produced this milestone edition !!!
Eugene Goodale 9 years ago
Congratulations and good luck.

j neuberger 9 years ago
Will you submit it to the Blurb book competition?
I'd be willing to contribute to or even pay the whole fee.
The other books that I glanced at in the competition pool...well let's just say I think Hap Mag would stand up well to the competition
Dom Ciancibelli 9 years ago
Browsed at least 100 books on Blurb.
The haphazart edition has NO competition!
Of course that's IMHO! :-)
Michael Lusk... 9 years ago
What type of book are people going to order...soft, dust jacket or image wrap ?
j neuberger 9 years ago
I got the jacket so I can hang it on my office door!!
Delay Tactics 9 years ago
I went Image Wrap. Not much extra expense.
faint rain [deleted] Posted 9 years ago. Edited by faint rain (member) 9 years ago
I never expected that you all are going to buy one, enjoy it.
Hell, we could have gone rich if we´d put on a mark-up. :-)))))
I go for an image wrap too.
faint rain [deleted] Posted 9 years ago. Edited by faint rain (member) 9 years ago
Did someone wrote next edition somewhere?
I think I remember that Ashley already volunteered, Michael you too?
paulmoore 9 years ago
I just ordered the softie.. it is a magazine isn't it?
Michael Lusk... Posted 9 years ago. Edited by Michael Lusk... (admin) 9 years ago
Paul, indeed it is !!!

I may order one each as a starter...on second thought I may need a lot more when I have my book signing ;^]
Did someone wrote next edition somewhere?

i thought that was the plan, to make this a haphazardly issued mag. after all, this one is numbered 1.

i suggest lets give a few weeks to absorb impact of first edition before leaping into concrete plans for second. maybe it is so good we will want to elect the current team as editors for life :)
faint rain [deleted] 9 years ago
Michael Lusk... 9 years ago
Michael...excellent idea...Ha Ha Ha !!!!
mark valentine PRO 9 years ago
buahhahhaahhaa !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dom Ciancibelli 9 years ago
What does buahhahhaahhaa !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! mean? ;-)

For some reason it was chosen to call the first issue a magazine. But.....
120 pages? in photo book layout? and available as a hardcover?
I think it's all haphazart! :-)
paulmoore 9 years ago
my wife's vogue magazines are sometimes thicker than "war&peace",
I also think it is the first magazine I have seen on blurb..that in itself is a cool thing...
it is more in the vein of "aperture" and is therefore a proper Periodical.
congrats to all those who made it happen and are still on speaking terms with each other..
Michael Lusk... 9 years ago
Dom, they call a 300 page Vanity Fair a magazine also...275 pages of advertisements, pound for pound haphazart delivers the goods :-)
Dom Ciancibelli 9 years ago
And the advertisements are the good part! :-)

They say you should learn something new every day. Today I learned about two guys who read Vogue!

Buahhahhaahhaa!!!!!!! (Now I know what that means!)
floebee 9 years ago
buahhahhaahhaa !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

paul, yep, i ordered the 'magazine' version too - it WAS a magazine we were working on, right?
faint rain [deleted] Posted 9 years ago. Edited by faint rain (member) 9 years ago
Buahahaaa, means that producing a thing like this is far too time consuming to do it every time with the same crew. Don´t forget that we gave our free time to the project. I did not count the hours I spent on it but there is a lot of time you have to draw from your real life.

We started to write a "manual" for the crews that might follow us, so they hopefully don´t make the same mistakes, that naturally occure, we struggled with.

I only can say this for my person:
I will always be there for help because in a way I initiated all this.
If we want to continue this magazine we need more than four shoulders to carry on, especially in terms of the work load.
Someday I will take the responsibilty again, but not right now.

I am looking forward to see other approaches than ours to create a magazine. The first one was made to reflect the origin of our group.
Now, we can develop different and broader views on photography, we can use other text styles, e.g. a column, photographic stories, reports, interviews with artists, museums, etc.

I also see a chance that we keep the magazine fresh and interesting, when we change the editorial crew behind it.
pa gillet 9 years ago
et Bravo.
mark valentine PRO 9 years ago
dom, i think in this case Buahhahhaahhaa!!!!!!!
also would mean you'd be in the corner for
life ! ha ha!
pa gillet 9 years ago
Hi everyone, i just added a note to promote Haphazart magazine on my blog : pagillet.over-blog.com
thoughtfactory PRO Posted 9 years ago. Edited by thoughtfactory (member) 9 years ago
It looks really really good folks. Congratulations to all involved. Inspired work. So much free time has been contributed by the editorial team--mark, shari, krystina and christian.

Dunno about this guiness stuff. It goes above my head. ---I'll drink a glass of a mellow ten year old Coonawarra red from South Australia whilst I embrace the nostalgia of Tom Waits circa 1977.
floebee 9 years ago
poodly, thank you, yes, and also J Neuberger, who wrote one of the articles, and worked just as hard as the rest of the team, behind the scenes! And Dom, with his endless research and silly stories, both managing to keep us all going!

I'm a Wolf Blass gal myself, but you got the region right, thats for sure, no better place in the world for a good strong cabernet sauvignon!! cheers!
(previewing this i discovered i have been rather verbose. i hope that this is not considered preaching, if it is one of other admins may wish to delete it and i will be not put out)

scribbleClick wrote -- "maybe it is so good we will want to elect the current team as editors for life :) "

hope this was understood as both an underhanded compliment to the editors of this inaugural issue, and a bit of a joke as indicated by the ":)"

The serious point in that post was the suggestion to allow a few weeks for everyone to get the current product in their eager hot little hands, and for the editorial team to heave a well earned sigh of relief and have a rest before rushing into discussions and plans for next edition. let's all digest this meal before we start to cook again, someone should nominate a date, i suggest mid to late june.

this edition will give rise, no doubt, to pleasure, congratulations, debate, discussion, possibly disagreement and criticism, enthusiasms, disappointments, hopes, dreams, ambitions, suggestions, etc.

important in my opinion that we all maintain our sense of cameraderie, humour, tolerance and proportion.

for those of us who were not on the ed team this issue to keep in mind that this is the very best product of the voluntary hard work of four colleagues who have charted a course for all future editions. there may be imperfections or mistakes, in spite of the best efforts of our editors, but that is the nature of publishing. let's enjoy the magazine we have and avoid criticising it for what it is not.

from what i can see it is brilliant and i am emailing details to all people i know who have an interest in art, photography and the internet. everyone i know who has asked about my photography, even if they don't understand it, i am encouraging to order this magazine. i have put the advertisment from marks stream onto my profile page so any visitors will first see an ad for the mag.

i encourage everyone reading to promote the mag to their friends, family, contacts who may have an interest. this mag is a means by which the work of the collective entity known as haphazart! Contemporary Abstracts, and the individuals who compose it, to gain some exposure. there is a reason this mag looks so good in comparison to others on blurb, that's because what we do here is unique, even in the world of flickr. the photographic work of the artists in this group is an inspiration and the world deserves to see it!

for the eds, if there is criticism, keep in mind that it will be peoples abstract expectations, hopes and wants coming into contact with the concrete magazine that give rise to them. don't take it as personal attacks or a dismissal of the enormous work you have done.

i heard someone say recently that they have travelled the world and never seen a monument built to a critic! it is those who do in spite of the difficulties, mistakes etc who drive progress in every field, precisely because they illuminate the problems, difficulties and potential pitfalls for those who follow. the keeping of a "manual" and willingness to assist the next set of four mules is exemplary and you are all to be commended on it.

as someone in recovery, i raise a glass of green tea in your general directions. for the other let the guiness, champagne and red wine flow.
linkwize Posted 9 years ago. Edited by linkwize (admin) 9 years ago
Well said, scribbleClick!
Looking forward to taking on issue 2.
But for a start I have to wait 16 days (at least - I would like to see Blurb actually deliver to me in that time) before I can survey the entirety of what team 2 is up against to surpass.
From what I've seen so far I'm not anticipating any blemishes, just quality imagery, impeccable design in the best taste, and texts to savor.
Given that issue 1 was approx 4 months in the incubation. I would hazard an estimate that we are looking at 2 issues a year. That gives us about 6 - 8 weeks before the cycle starts all over.
Meantime lets enjoy and celebrate!

Oh, and congrats especially to Dom for a sensational, breathtaking cover image.
faint rain [deleted] Posted 9 years ago. Edited by faint rain (member) 9 years ago
Michael, NOW it is obvious that you should be a part of that step.
People with communicational talents are needed.
floebee Posted 9 years ago. Edited by floebee (member) 9 years ago
michael, not at all preaching, it is very well said - and i echo christian on his recognition that YOU would be a PERFECT candidate for the next edition. but YES, lets kick back for a bit, and enjoy the first edition :o)

linkwise, i think that a lot of the four months was spent in initially 'working out processes' so, learning from our mistakes and possibly re-using some of our 'guidelines' would streamline your production somewhat.

my guestimate would be that we have ourselves a quarterly magazine!!!

looking forward to hearing what you think of it - in the flesh - so to speak, first one to spot a typo, buys the beers!!! :o))))
j neuberger 9 years ago
the only problem I see so far is that IT TAKES BLURB TWO @#!&*^ WEEKS TO DELIVER!!
so hard to wait.

But it is great to see the enthusiasm for issue No1 and especially for Issue No 2!!!

Michael/scribbleClick: speaking only for myself: I certainly hope No 2 takes the project in new directions. That's what will make it fresh and exciting!

PA-nice ad and great idea.
It's going up on my facebook page today!
Michael Lusk... 9 years ago
Michael, well stated.

Shari, " i think that a lot of the four months was spent in initially 'working out processes' so, learning from our mistakes and possibly re-using some of our 'guidelines' would streamline your production somewhat"...Yes !!!...I think it is essential that some of the "staff" continue with each edition to help speed the process along...

Jay, "new directions"...?...simply the showcasing of new images and contributors will provide a new direction and any format changes could slow things down...but having the "real thing" in our hands will provide us with help with those decisions

PA...Thanks !!!
mark valentine PRO 9 years ago
poodly, a Coonawarra red sounds very good - i should
probably wait until after breakfast though!

paul, and all - you could think of it as a kind of haphazd
abstraction of a mazazine - i think it's mostly the hardcover
part that seems "unbookish"

scribbleClick - not preachy at all - right on time!

Michael and Ashley would certainly be a good start on
an editorial team if they are game and have the time!
thinking about concepts in advance of the actual work
is helpful, for sure! i agree with shari that things might
be streamlined a bit - maybe three or four a year,

we should remember - dread, dread - that there might
be new problems that pop up too, that didn't occur with
the first issue - since the new team will have some concepts
and those influence design, format, text to image rations,
and everything actually, it could be that unique problems
emerge in EACH issue - ahhhhh!!!!!!! - that bodes well
for flexibility and camraderie, well defined working processes
and all that's been mentioned

and yes, PA, thanks, and thanks to you all for the thoughtful
and heartening responses and reflections on what the
team put forth!
thoughtfactory PRO Posted 9 years ago. Edited by thoughtfactory (member) 9 years ago
I've mentioned the text on the altofotnet blog based on the blurb preview.
floebee 9 years ago
poodly, splendid :o)
lets all keep linking!!

oh my lordy mark, dont be wishing new problems on the poor team before they even get going :oDDD .. great idea to start thinking about concepts and style and focus early on!!
mark valentine PRO 9 years ago
thanks poodly - my text is actually an edited version of a topic
from this group - it's the searching for a theme thread - the
original title was "theatrical therapeutic thematics" i believe,
if you want a preview, although we added a few supporting
images, including yours to it - ha ha!
Dom Ciancibelli 9 years ago
Actually thanks to the editors for choosing my image for the cover. I was very surprised and pleased that they did so. Still reeling from the experience!

Being privy to the happenings during the creation of the magazine I learned that not only creative and artistic skills are needed in both design/layout and in creative writing skills but also each team will need a tech wizard to push all this stuff into proper format. Depending on the visual outcome of the images, especially the mono images, the team might address the ICC profile guidelines set forth by Blurb concerning the HP printer profiles. Also remember that images received will need to be at the 300 ppi level. That alone will take up some serious disk space.

Concerning Aussies and Guinness...... my recommendation is to never drink anything you can see through except when in France! :-)
casually, krystina PRO 9 years ago
Wow! so many comments...so great to read your enthusiastic and in some cases very pro-active responses. e.g. thanks
- Gary for that blog plug!!...hope lots of folk get to see it.

- Jay for her entry on facebook - not sure I should thank you for hanging up the cover on your office door!!!!....Dom did you read what she's proposing to do with your splendid image!???...and

- Pa too, what a fabulous write up, PA...you should be our permanent marketing agent.....apparently Haphazart when he created it was just a little frog which has grown and grown and become a big feisty bull!!!
casually, krystina PRO Posted 9 years ago. Edited by casually, krystina (admin) 9 years ago
Michael - so wise and thoughtful....thanks for contingency thinking.
Although I doubt anyone will be disappointed with the magazine, I just want to say, whilst size may matter elsewhere, in this project the size at which a given / YOUR image appears on a page bears NO relationship to its artistic value or the team's opinion thereof.... so I just hope, you'll understand that some images simply had to be resented smaller and others larger.....

re: 2nd issue - I don't think any of us saw this issue as offering a kind of model or template for subsequent ones. I'd rather support the idea proposed both here and a while back...that each team design 'their' magazine entirely to their own fancy.....with just a few things remaining constant...hopefully the title HAPHAZART! Magazine being one of them.
Viva diversity, creativity and Haphazard! icity...(I can see Ashley is going to have great fun with wordbending:-))...

Funny that Christian thinks that perhaps more than 4/5 people should be involved. I somehow think the opposite...fewer...2, max. 3....primarily because virtual decision-making and communication is really not easy and the limitations of the flickr group logistics don't help.
But it is all up to you, folks!

Oh and Dom, the choice on the cover was actually one of the easiest ones - it was entirely without controversy!!
We were delighted to be able to use that gem...so we thank you!!
Help yourself to some nice decent Australian see through stuff.....they say it is the BEST!
ClaraL PRO 9 years ago
Just back from a long time writing, attending a conference, small trip...
congrats all
thanks too
I'll order it as soon as I'm back home in Montreal, in 2-3- weeks.
À bientôt, CL
thoughtfactory PRO 9 years ago
mark--thanks for letting me know that the content of your article was based on the theatrical therapeutic thematics thread. Interesting discussion there.
thoughtfactory PRO 9 years ago
floebee + casually, krystina--no problems re linking. Also mentioned the fabulously looking magazine on my junk for code blog.
casually, krystina PRO 9 years ago
Gary.... Freaks, Fools and Pranksters...is how we address each other here...it isn't actually the title of the magazine....that is simply
Haphazart! Magazine.......sorry, if our enthusiasm has led to this confusion.

Thx for finding the time to drop by, ClaraL. Have a good journey home.
thoughtfactory PRO 9 years ago
Oh I see. Well I'd better change things then. I'm clearly a fool.
floebee Posted 9 years ago. Edited by floebee (member) 9 years ago
hi gary, your links that direct viewers from junk for code to the viewing/ordering area of the blurb haphazart! site will be broken.

new links below, so that you can update your info :o)

there is also a new cover art that you should use to replace the existing one.

HAPHAZART! by floebee




Hope this helps :o)
thoughtfactory PRO Posted 9 years ago. Edited by thoughtfactory (member) 9 years ago
floebee, okay----I've changed the links on the posts at both junk for code and the altfotonet.org blog. Thanks. I'll leave the cover unchanged, if that is okay.
floebee 9 years ago
poodly, thanks!! thats fab :o)
with respect, no, its not ok, can you change the cover please, if you prefer i can email you directly with a jpg to use.
Michael Lusk... Posted 9 years ago. Edited by Michael Lusk... (admin) 9 years ago
...............................I'm waiting for delivery.................................

..........in repose till then............
floebee 9 years ago
mike, loving your chameleon avatar wardrobe .. each time i look you are a different shade today :o)
mark valentine PRO 9 years ago
mike, did you manage to get rid of
those old pictures and text? should
i pledge my share of the guiness
tanker to whoever gets rid of them
all first?
thoughtfactory PRO Posted 9 years ago. Edited by thoughtfactory (member) 9 years ago
the reason I didn't upload the new cover image was that your above file of the cover was a gif file. I cannot upload such a file to a Movable Type weblog.

I've hunted around and found a jpeg file---on casually, krystina's flickr stream and the cover image has been changed on both junk for code and the altfotonet blog.
mark valentine PRO Posted 9 years ago. Edited by mark valentine (member) 9 years ago
thanks poodly! oops, i just checked - they
are still the old ones - there is a new file in
.jpg format in my stream you can download!
thoughtfactory PRO 9 years ago
the file on your photo stream is a .jpg format in a gif file. I need to be able to save this document with extension “.jpg” at the end of the name.
floebee 9 years ago
poodly, as mentioned above, i can send you a file via email, is that ok?
thoughtfactory PRO Posted 9 years ago. Edited by thoughtfactory (member) 9 years ago
floebee Posted 9 years ago. Edited by floebee (member) 9 years ago
okidoke, on its way :o)

edit: ok, sent! you should have received, let me know if all ok, gotta run in an hour, then out all day. i cc'd a copy to mark, krystina and christian, just incase we come across the same file format probs again, thanks for letting us know about that issue .. more learning!! wooo this curve has certainly been a wild ride :o)
thoughtfactory PRO Posted 9 years ago. Edited by thoughtfactory (member) 9 years ago
floebee-----I -cannot open the file you sent me on my Apple Macbook. No applications I have will open it.
mark valentine PRO Posted 9 years ago. Edited by mark valentine (member) 9 years ago
poodly - she sent me a copy, let me
give it a try! she had a bunch of
errands to run, and asked the other
editors to mind the shop!

i'll send it off right away!
mark valentine PRO Posted 9 years ago. Edited by mark valentine (member) 9 years ago
got my book today!
i'm obviously totally biased
and unable to do anything like
have a critical eye!

i have just been
going through it over and over -
it is stupefyingly beautiful
and a world of fun to look
at - and everything looks
perfect at this point!

the layout is smashing -
the works are smashing -
i haven't been calm enough
to read but the visual profile
of the articles is great

wooooooooo hoooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(maybe i can have a more
soberly critical eye in a few day!)
faint rain [deleted] 9 years ago
maybe you should have said that this quote is from PA :-)
mark valentine PRO 9 years ago
he's still waiting he said! ha ha!
Nᴉɹʌɐuɐ SQ Posted 9 years ago. Edited by Nᴉɹʌɐuɐ SQ (member) 9 years ago
Well well... congratulations hapzart people!!
It looks great from the pages I could see! The layout is kool.
It is a pity though that one cannot see any more on line, sniff sniff... for I won't be having 30 dollars + international shipping any time soon.

But I wish to congratulate once again!
Dom Ciancibelli 9 years ago
Nirvana SQ > ...?,
I believe the editors may be working on a .pdf that would be a free look.
Stay tuned!
linkwize 9 years ago
yer, try buying with Aussie dollars at the current rate! They haven't debited my account yet so I guess that means that even after they do I'll still have another 16 days + to wait. Maybe they're out of ink n paper already!
likewise linkwize, once i factored in the postage i have delayed my purchase for a bit until i can sell a kidney :) aaah, the hazards of living in the antipodes...but i shan't blame the eds for the fact that a unit of the currency of the patch of dirt where i chose to be born is currently worth 2 small flat rocks in $US :)
slippery thing [deleted] 9 years ago
beautiful beautiful beautiful
my.third.eye 9 years ago
My first and only partial "report:" As a relative amateur and newcomer to photography - my 30-plus year background being in creative writing - I was more than happy to have only my one postage-sized photo included in this first edition. :-) But I debated as to whether I could spend the $$$ now. Then I thought: "F.....k it!" and ordered it. I'm much much more impressed and delighted than I thought I would be, because it REALLY does look great.

I am especially surprised by how much I'm enjoying the text part, which I thought would be of only peripheral interest, but after only reading a few pages, I'm hooked. It's wonderful.

Well worth the monetary "sacrifice." I'm looking forward to reading and perusing more, this weekend.

Thank you, all you editors, for doing this. I know how hard you all must have worked. It's inspiring on a creative/artistic level, and heartwarming on a the personal, human "creating community" level.
Katerina. 9 years ago
I just had the time to preview the 15 pages available on Blurb and it looks absolutele amazing! I didn't know exactly what to expect when I was asked to contribute one of my pics but I am enthusiastic about the professional work done by the editors of the magazine. My congratulations to all people involved! I hape I'll be able - speaking about budgets - to order a copy next month!

Btw it would be great if one could have a look at a .pdf version of it - as someone has mentioned above - if it's not too much to ask :)
casually, krystina PRO 9 years ago
Jane, great to read your thumbs up response to our mag/book...I just received my copy too....and I must say, it is indeed a treat....really happy with it...a few minor things...but on the whole it looks FABULOUS. I took it round to a photographer and his wife who live nearby.....they were swooning over some of the images, said they had never seen photography like that and now want to get a copy for their grown up daughter!

I'm really sorry about not having a pdf version ready for you guys. Unfortunately, floebee is away and she is the only one that has access to the files and the mag. None of us know when she will return...we hope it will be soon. So watch this space.
mark valentine PRO 9 years ago
it is great to hear the book is creating ripples!

it will be good to have a version of the book in pdf format - the files
we need to make the pdf version are lo res, so there shouldn't be
any trouble creating a pdf version. We have access to all the files
and to the text and the layout online. We don't need anything
floebee has to make a version in pdf format. Christian is the one
who promised to make a pdf file available, and he should be able
to create the version without the files. We should probably have
this discussion among the editors, and clear things up, and then
put up a notice when Christian has the version in pdf format
htakat Posted 9 years ago. Edited by htakat (member) 9 years ago
once again congratsulation for this great work !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Michael Lusk... Posted 9 years ago. Edited by Michael Lusk... (admin) 9 years ago
Whew...got my copies yesterday and have throughly enjoyed going cover to cover several times and sharing with family !!!!...all are very impressed and congratulated the freaks, fools and pranksters on a job well done and can't wait to get their own copies and of course want to see some future issues as well !!!

Am now thinking of/ wanting to do my own and wondering where in the hell do I start...

Congratulations gang !!!
Nᴉɹʌɐuɐ SQ Posted 9 years ago. Edited by Nᴉɹʌɐuɐ SQ (member) 9 years ago
Thanks for telling me about the pdf version! I shall stay tuned indeed. :D

"a unit of the currency of the patch of dirt where i chose to be born is currently worth 2 small flat rocks in $US"

hahahahahaha! If your currency is worth 2 small flat rocks, I think Mexican peso (now, before it crashes to the land of the resting souls) then is worth 5 molecules of a flat small rock. hehe! Then again, I think money is worthless and inflation is a reminder of that. hehehe!
I'm happy for the Pdf version... have I said that before?
floebee 9 years ago
from the editor who is far far away, its great to see that the book is being well received as a printed-hold-in-my-hands version, that makes me very happy, especially after all the discussions and concerns we have all shared about print quality and color shifts!

the pdf is now in the quite capable hands of the rest of the ed team, i'm sure that they will put something together that will keep those who are trading in molecular currency, very happy indeed :o)

paulmoore 9 years ago
I rec'd my mag yesterday and it looks good.. also rec'd my Aperture too have to say that there's more interesting content in haphazart!..it is very refreshing to see photographic images not based on socio-economic-politico themes.
Blurb's printing is not quite at Aperture level but major kudos to all those involved in putting it together..no small feat.
Dom Ciancibelli 9 years ago
"it is very refreshing to see photographic images not based on socio-economic-politico themes."
Ditto Paul. Aperture seems to have disintegrated into that kind of rag. Too bad! It used to be about fine art photography. But then again it's a whole new generation driven toward that post modern frame of mind.
great layout
brilliant selection
thanks for all the great work!!!!
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