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Energetic images

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Rainbow Pilgrim says:

Intrigued by the variety of the expressions I like to share my Artwork. I create with Prismacolor pencils , mostly on black paper.. as Light is such a phenomena on that ! I see in my visions multidimensional images that I try to capture in 2D.
2:47AM, 23 October 2009 PDT (permalink)

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MagaMerlina says:

Synchronicity as Dr.Jung would call it. I was about to ask you what media did you use for your mandalas and here I find it!
I truly like your art. Thanks for sharing.
95 months ago (permalink)

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The Mindful Compass says:

Hi everyone, I was wondering if you notice how much the energy or feel of a mandala can change depending on which way up you look at it. Does anyone know what I mean? I wonder if you can call some mandalas static and other dynamic... Please let me know your thoughts!
80 months ago (permalink)

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