Just started

Hattie Heart 4:08am, 20 April 2009
Does anyone have free basic patterns? I've been making my own, seems like there are so many on the web... i just need one basic one, solid, i can alter from there.

Anyone want to share?
Sugar Donkey Dolls 8 years ago
Sorry I wish I could help you, I make my own patterns usually on parchment paper in pencil but paper towels will do in a pinch.
I make my own too, and they never are the same
celia.a 8 years ago
Why don't you try Mimi Kirchner's "Purl Girl" felt doll pattern. It is very straight forward and very gorgeous! You can find it at
eva vee 8 years ago
I make my own patterns, and I have made my first doll ever two days ago. I feel, it can grow to addiction, because the excitment about making one is just so overwhelming!
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