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  • Patch for mts/m2ts support in uploadr

    Here is a patch I did for the desktop Uploadr tool, allowing to accept mts and m...

    FhlostonP19 months ago1 replies

  • Flash Uploader Sucks

    Honestly, the Flash Uploader Sucks big time. I like the function, the idea,...

    epSos.de31 months ago0 replies

  • Temp Folder Location

    i can´t seem to complete a large upload (large in total size, no original photo...

    wholesum31 months ago4 replies

  • error when uploading a photo

    i have a problem when trying to upload a photo, i use Winjs and i use REST servi...

    K.Alaa31 months ago0 replies

  • Titles making me crazy! Help!

    I'm trying to upload photos, both with the web interface and Uploadr, and have t...

    marizel833 months ago1 replies


    Hello, goodmorning to all founders on all website im hack again but im not easy ...

    mgalecios135 months ago3 replies

  • Preset tags

    Hullo all, I've joined to suggest a set of preset tags to save everyone's finger...

    What Lynda Saw36 months ago5 replies

  • new on flickr

    Hey new on flickr and finding my way a round I'm from south africa its pretty aw...

    mercia2236 months ago2 replies

  • sidnox

    My hobdis are fishing listing to the doors and therollstones

    sidnox36 months ago0 replies

  • Help

    I followed the directions but I can not add an icon in my group

    Nasci*37 months ago1 replies

  • Hello all

    I'm looking to get a grasp on using the Flickr API for the first time. I'm kind...

    mick031137 months ago8 replies

  • 403 Forbidden

    Forbidden You don't have permission to access /svn/ on this server. Apache...

    Uthyr37 months ago5 replies

  • Problem with Award code/Invite Code

    I would appreciate some help in placing the Award code/Invite Code in the main ...

    mavenimagery®38 months ago1 replies

  • make $$$$$ 5 figure sell vacuum cleaner

    hi all,

    henryho_939 months ago0 replies

  • Ăn chay chứng tỏ mình hướng thiện không sát sinh ?

    Thời tiền cổ đại loài người sống bằng hái lượm, ăn thực ...

    khpower200839 months ago0 replies

  • HIII all

    have any way to hack into a gruop without agreement of administrator not??

    Thesunlovesthemoon41 months ago1 replies

  • dove si incolla il codice per il contatore?

    free counters mi puoi mandare mail flickr?

    almigio142 months ago0 replies

  • Flickr jr.

    hi, why don't you create flickr for kids? my 11 daughter is beginning in photo...

    √iudadesnuda43 months ago0 replies

  • Repository?

    I keep getting permission denied errors trying to access the SVN repository as s...

    garyamort52 months ago2 replies

  • photoes to Flicker

    I have been using to upload cell phone photos. My account is h...

    Krisgoat55 months ago0 replies

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