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Tom Coates ADMIN June 8, 2007
Don't forget to tag your Hack Day photos and posts with hackdaylondon keep up with what's happening on the Hack Day Backnetwork and Official Hack Day Blog. You can also join the Facebook Group, meet people (or plan hacks) on the Unofficial Wiki or hook up your pics with Upcoming using the Flickr tag upcoming:event=173371.

Group Description

London is the venue for Europe's first Hack Day - hosted by the BBC and Yahoo! in Alexandra Palace, home of the birth of TV broadcasting over half a century ago. Five hundred designers, developers and engineers from Europe and America will learn and build stuff together over two days, all culminating in a big show-and-tell, a few dodgy prizes and a performance by The Rumble Strips!

What do you need to know? The BBC's APIs are all documented at The Yahoo Developer Network is at, which also includes links to Flickr's services and APIs from Upcoming and

We've set up a whole load of links for the day itself. There's the Official Blog, this Flickr group, the Official Backnetwork, a Facebook group and an Unofficial Wiki.

If you're tagging stuff use hackdaylondon and upcoming:event=173371 to hook it up the Upcoming event listing!

Group Rules

Rule One: The Photos should have something to do with Hack Day!
It's totally okay to post pictures of your travel up to the venue, but posting pictures of kittens or trees or the Changing of the Guard is wandering off the topic a bit.

Rule Two: The Photos posted shouldn't be too rude, gross or morally troubling!
... and we get to choose what that means. But basically, if you could all keep your private parts out of this Flickr group, we'd really appreciate it. Remember, your mother might be watching and someone might tag it with your name and then you'll never be Prime Minister.

Rule Three: You should totally tag your photo with hackdaylondon
This isn't really a rule as much as it would be nice. If you tag your photo with hackdaylondon then it'll show up on the backnetwork. If you tag it with hackdaylondon and the name of the person in the photo it'll show up on their profiles. Which is neat. You can also tag your photos upcoming:event=173371 if you like. But that's even more optional.

Rule Four: Don't spam us or we'll ban your ass!
We're not putting on any limits at the moment, but again if you do something dumb like automatically post a picture of the floor of the venue to the group every ten seconds, we'll ban your ass and we won't think twice about it.

Rule Five: Be Excellent to One Another!
We'll have no trouble here! This is a local group, for local hackers! If you've got an axe to grind and a person to eviscerate, then that's what your personal blog is for. Do it on Twitter.

That's it. No more. See you at Hack Day!

Additional Info

  • This group will count toward the photo's limit (60 for Pro members, 30 for free members)
  • Accepted content types: Photos, Videos, Images, Art, Screenshots
  • Accepted safety levels: Safe
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