oldspeckledhen 10:59am, 9 July 2009
Hello everyone,

I have been meaning to write a message for ages about a new Meetup group recently started in Glasgow - The Glasgow Vegan Meetup Group ( . This is something I started about 2 months ago after meeting some vegans and becoming very motivated by it. It's a group where we can write online posts, go out for vegan food around the city and get to know each other, give each other a bit of moral support and share recipes, etc. I'm also hoping we can have some campaign/fundraising events for farm animal welfare and hopefully also some city centre vegan potlucks in the future - looking into options.

Anyone who's vegan, thinking about becoming vegan or would like to learn more about veganism is very welcome. It would be lovely to see some Glasgow Vegan Network members join us - just follow the link above and request membership, and that's it! I try to hold several events a month at different times to provide lots of choice as I know we all have things to do and places to be!

Hope to see you there :) Best wishes,

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