jey burrows 8:37pm, 9 June 2008
In the midst of ignorant, uninformed media witch-hunts on vegan parents, here is a reminder of where vegans get their vitamin D:

* Sunlight
* Soya milk (fortified, just like cow's milk is)
* Margarine (fortified by law)
* Breakfast cereals
* Multi-vitamin tablets
* Mushrooms

Rickets used to be a common disease until the 1940s. The reasons why it's rare are given by this UK govt agency:

"The incidence of rickets in the UK peaked at the end of the 1800s. In the 1940s margarine was fortified with vitamin D, free vitamin supplements were introduced as part of the Welfare Food Scheme (WFS), National Dried Milk was fortified and manufacturers soon
followed suit by adding vitamin A and D to infant milks, rusks and cereals."

The same document estimates 253 children continue to develop rickets in the UK. Since every bigot & tabloid journalist in the land jumps and down when one of those is vegan, you can be fairly most years that's 253 non-vegans (perhaps 252 in 2008, if the Glasgow child turns out to be vegan, and not raised on the Blackberry Diet)
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