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AndrewNZ ADMIN February 12, 2010
Pool cleaned (13/2/10)

The posting limit has been reduced to 2 photos per week per person. This is so that posters can more easily keep track of those photos they have in the pool, giving clues or removing the guessed/unguessed photo more quickly.

Players of this game MUST actively manage their photos in the pool, or the plug will be pulled on the whole shebang.

Group Description

Based on the Guess Where London/SF/New York/LA but this one is for Wellington, New Zealand.

Be creative! Only post images that were taken in Wellington city, Porirua, The Hutt of things that are not too obvious. Post photos of details, odd structures, people that are a bit different! Make it fun and interesting! Photos of the whole of Te Papa, the Lagoon etc may be deleted without warning.

Post your pictures of Wellington to the pool without tags or descriptions that would identify the subject or location of the picture, and then when it has been guessed, delete it from the pool and add it to this thread.

• No geotagged photos. Feel free to tag your photos after they have been guessed.

• The pool is for unguessed photos only. Once your photo has been guessed, you should remove it promptly. Please post a record of it in the You Guessed Me thread - follow the easy instructions at the top of the thread. If you do not remove guessed photos promptly, an admin or moderator will post a reminder comment, and then remove them from the group.

• If your photo remains unguessed for a while please also remove it from the pool and post a record of it. Go to the 'Photos Nobody Could Guess' thread. Again, if your unguessed photos loiter too long in the pool the admins will post a reminder comment, and then remove them from the group.

• Please respond to people's guesses whether they are right or not. If comments go unanswered, your photo will be removed, so try not to post if you know you're off on holiday. Responding to people's guesses is a crucial way of keeping the group alive - without this, people will lose interest in the game and the group will die.

• Please offer clues after a few wrong guesses, or a few days' inactivity on your shot. These may be geographical, cryptic, or photographic (in the form of wider crops, adjacent buildings, etc) or any other form of clue. See the point above about keeping the group alive!

• Iconic Wellington landmarks.

• Photos with no guessable content. There should be enough detail to pinpoint the photo to a unique location.

• Photos with location data in the tags, titles, captions, sets or groups, or visible in street signs or on buildings in the photo itself.

Any photos in these categories will be removed from the group immediately. Batches of photos including photos in these categories will also be removed, even if individual photos are appropriate. Discussion of what is an acceptable or unacceptable photos can be found here.

• Don’t worry unduly about whether your shot has made a prior appearance, although you might want to check the latest page or so of the You Guessed Me thread.

• Locations should be easily accessible to the general public. This can include paying locations such as theatres, museums and galleries.

• Colour or B/W images are welcomed. While graphical manipulation to improve image quality or framing is acceptable, photos that have been altered to present a view not found in real life will be removed from the pool. It is acceptable to obscure giveaway street signs or phone numbers, etc

Group Rules

By joining this group you agree to play by the group's rules. These are:

• Only 2 photos from each person in the pool at any one time.
• If there are no guesses on a photo for 3 days, give people a clue in the comments thread on the photo.
• If people guess incorrectly, provide some kind of hint to enable the guessing to continue.
• Do NOT geotag your photo, or put it's location in the tags for your photo, or put the photo in any location specific group or set (other than another Wellington group, or a New Zealand group).
• If the location of the photo has been guessed, remove the photo from the pool and post a small version in the 'You guessed me' comments thread, along with the identity of the person who correctly guessed the location.
• If the photo is not guessed within 1 week of the last clue having been provided, provide one more clue and then if no further guesses are made, remove the photo from the pool and post a small version in the 'Photos nobody could guess' thread.
You are responsible for actively managing your participation in this game. If you consistently fail to follow the rules above, your photos will be deleted from the group pool without warning and repeated failures to play by the rules will result in being removed from the group altogether.

Additional Info

  • This group will count toward the photo's limit (60 for Pro members, 30 for free members)
  • Members can post 2 things to the pool each week.
  • Accepted content types: Photos, Images
  • Accepted safety levels: Safe
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