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  • Guess Where Bellingham?

    i'm trying to get the "bellingham" group to add a "guess where bellingham" compl...

    judy_and_ed2 months ago0 replies

  • 20,000 photos


    Jawdoc4 months ago3 replies

  • In the Spotlight

    I've been going through the archives to clean up unguessed photos. Here are som...

    knightmusik10 months ago127 replies

  • Canon AE-1 film camera kit **FREE**

    I've been given a kit in great shape for giving away to someone who might use it...

    cc4914 months ago1 replies

  • Revealed!

    For members who want to put me and others out of our misery by revealing the loc...

    knightmusik18 months ago76 replies

  • Flickr changes

    Can someone please tell me how to add photos to this or any other group in the n...

    colleen penrowley24 months ago5 replies

  • Finally Someone Got It !!!

    This thread is for photos that remained a mystery for months. Ideally the tag c...

    knightmusik25 months ago284 replies

  • Help for Flickr Visitor to Vancouver

    [Note to Admins: Feel free to remove this posting if you consider it to be inap...

    Lazy B32 months ago19 replies

  • Robert McNutt in Vancouver Magazine

    One of our (many) distinguished guessers, Robert McNutt, was featured in Vancouv...

    mag373733 months ago2 replies

  • What you've scored

    Click on your name here to see all photos tagged as "point you" in the flickrver...

    mag373734 months ago7 replies

  • Want to help me Clean-Up?

    I enjoy the hunt, but for a lot of the older clues I have to idea where to begin...

    kissarissa36 months ago4 replies

  • Themes?

    What do people think of (voluntary) bi-weekly themes for fun? Can be straight f...

    kissarissa36 months ago4 replies

  • Remembering to use tags

    Hi Everyone, remember to use tags for the Guess Where game: unguessed, guessed, ...

    mommymago38 months ago0 replies

  • I added more hints to one of my photos.

    It's the one photo I've posted which hasn't been guessed yet. With the additiona...

    Laura Eveleigh39 months ago0 replies

  • Help requested - filming locations

    You know what they say, when you need help, turn to the Guess Where Vancouver fl...

    Mister Robarto44 months ago4 replies

  • dust on sensor

    any suggestions as to where I can get some stubborn dust particles cleaned off m...

    Jawdoc47 months ago1 replies

  • johnny canuck

    Nothing to do with GWV, but I thought some of you might enjoy this: www.youtu...

    colleen penrowley48 months ago0 replies

  • Need your help with scavenger hunt!

    I'm in a scavenger hunt and have been given a photo of the location for a prize ...

    twotwentysevenam49 months ago1 replies

  • Question

    Why is the vw logo the group icon?

    CDP Photography Canada50 months ago4 replies

  • Is this a confession of sorts, or just information-sharing?

    I wanted to share a neat website with you all, the diligent members of Guess Whe...

    Gary Hubbs | The Scale Gallery50 months ago5 replies

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