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Group Description


In the great tradition of other Guess Where groups*, in this group you should post intriguing pictures of something (people, places, things) in Vancouver. Vancouver is being defined by the group as the GVRD (now known as Metro Vancouver).

You post a photo. We guess where it was taken.

Participating is a great way to get to know the city -- or show off how well you know your 'hood.

Don't give away the location in your title, description or tags. Let others try to guess where and what you took a picture of. Please respond to each guesser, and let us know when someone has, in your opinion, come close enough to the location to be correct.

When you add your photo, please tag it with "unguessed".

When someone guesses it, please change the tag to "guessed".

Also, after your photo has been guessed, please add a "point tag". Add the tag (including the quotation marks!) "point [correct guesser's display name]". Look at some of the other guessed photos to see what we mean. The reason for this is so that you can find out how many you have guessed.

And while you're tagging, you could tag your pics guesswherevancouver or gwv as well.


Thanks to Gary @ The Scale Gallery for our group logo!


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Group Rules

#1 Tag all your pictures "unguessed" when you put them in. The photos should be taken within the limits of the GVRD.

#2 Tag them "guessed" when someone gets it right. Don't forget to remove the "unguessed" tag. If there are multiple guesses, please indicate which member or members should be awarded the "point". After a photo has been correctly guessed, please tag, all in quotes, with the word "POINT" followed by the flickrmember's name. If a photo has been correctly guessed with a photo answer, please add an additional tag, all in quotes, with the word "HARDCOREPOINT" followed by the flickr member's name.

#3 We expect our members to play "in the spirit of the game" as follows:
a. Photo should not contain tags or description giving away location or specific event.
b. Photos initially submitted to GWV must not be included in "high commenting" pools to facilitate easier guessing. Member may then post to such pools after a correct guess is made.
c. Photo must give sufficient reference points to the satisfaction of admin to make guessing possible.
d. Photo subject matter must have some distinctive colour, texture, or character to the satisfaction of admin to make guessing possible.

#4 You are allowed to give clues at any time if guessers are having difficulty. If your photo does not get a single guess in 1 month, a clue is encouraged.

#5 Don't be too quick to reveal the location. Patience please. Give guessers at least 3 months before revealing. Don't forget to remove the "unguessed" tag after you tag a photo as "revealed".

#6 Although not recommended to go beyond a year, members can leave a photo unguessed for as long as they want.

#7 Please give your fellow group members the courtesy of promptly responding to their guesses.

#8 There is a limit of three photo submissions per day with the exception of special theme days. We request that multiple photos from the same place not be posted within a few days of each other.

#9 Obscenity, nudity, sexual material and use of the group solely for advertising is not allowed and will result in membership removal. We are an office and family friendly pool.

#10 Remember formost that this is just a game. Have fun and learn about this wonderful city!

Additional Info

  • Members can post 3 things to the pool each day.
  • Accepted content types: Photos, Images, Art, Screenshots
  • Accepted safety levels: Safe
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