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dschweisguth ADMIN January 31, 2017
Guess where photos are in SF, and post yours for others to guess! Rules below.
Info & tools: Scores · Hall of Fame · Guess Where Watcher · Search Comments

Group Description

Add a photo of San Francisco and see who can guess where it is!
It must be taken in SF and not too easy.
There are only a few rules; see below.

Group Rules

There are only a few rules!

1. The photo must be in the city of San Francisco. Photos taken on Alcatraz, Treasure Island and Yerba Buena Island are all allowed.

2. Guess Where SF is a guessing game, it's not a group to post any old photo of San Francisco. Don't post straight-up photos of landmarks everyone knows, such as the Golden Gate Bridge, City Hall or the Painted Ladies on Steiner Street. Also, make sure that you don't give the photo's location away in your tags, title, caption or groupings. Make sure street signs aren't visible in your photo, and don't place your photo on Flickr's map before it's been guessed!

3. It must be possible to identify where you took the photo by looking at it. It doesn't have to be easy, just possible. Photos should be of something unique, show enough context to be possible to find, and be of something interesting enough that other people will recognize it if they've seen it before. Photos of things like graffiti stencils on the sidewalk that aren't unique and don't show much context generally are removed from the group. Things that are unique but don't show much context, like stuff written in the sidewalk and photos of things like unremarkable walls and gates, should be posted sparingly.

4. If you have several photos of a single location, don't add them all to the pool. Add your favorite and reference the others in the caption or comments, if you want people to see them.

5. Answer guesses on your photos. Once a photo has been found, the group admins will be able to award a point for it. The latest scores are posted in the GWSF Scores discussion thread.

6. GWSF regulars with a a lot of points: Try to use some discretion when guessing photos immediately after they have been posted to GWSF. You can guess them, but try to give other people a chance at least sometimes, especially if it's something really easy (For example, an obvious post of the DeYoung)


The Hall of Fame discussion thread shows the locations most frequently posted to the group.

Check the Why your photos were removed from the group thread to see examples of photos that have been removed.

Before posting a photo, use Jef's Comment Searcher or Guess Where Watcher to see if the same location has already been posted. Use it by typing in the name of the street your photo is on, or to narrow down the results, the name of the street and one of the cross-streets.

Read this thread for more guidance: What makes a good GWSF photo?.

You can tag your photos that haven't been found with 'unfoundinsf' and found photos with 'foundinsf'. It's not required, but it can help people quickly determine whether or not a photo has been found.

See old photos that haven't been found yet on David Gallagher's Unfound Photos with Thumbnails page or on Guess Where Watcher. The older the photo, the greater the glory when you find it!

Some common terms used by members of this group:

WAG: "Wild-ass guess", which people sometimes put in front of a guess they think is likely to be wrong
HOF: Hall of Fame, or a location in that thread that has been posted at least three times
Top 10 (or top 20 or something similar): The 10 (or 20) members of the group with the most points. See the GWSF scores thread for scores.

Inspired by Guess Where NYC.

Additional Info

  • This group will count toward the photo's limit (60 for Pro members, 30 for free members)
  • Accepted content types: Photos, Videos, Images
  • Accepted safety levels: Safe, Moderate
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