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CLOSED The rules to read before posting your pix

obtainable expert [deleted] says:

What to post:

1. Shots must be in or of Moscow city's 10 districts. *Here is a hint for those who are not sure of their knowledge: Central, Northern, NE, Eastern, SE, Southern, SW, Western, NW, & Zelenograd *

2. Try and post something that someone will recognize.
Photos in or of private spaces such as your favorite armchair with your cutie dog on it can't be guessed. Neither can be a macro of a lonely flower somewhere in the the middle of Neskuchnyi Garden.

3. Iconic Moscow landmarks are unacceptable. But if you are a creative person of non-standard views, you will easily get round this point. :))

No commercial.

No porn, nudity and other such content is allowed here. Use groups created specially for such kind of entertainment.

How to post:

1. Check

Try not to give the location away with your tags, title, description, captions or previous comments. Also please check that location of your geotagged photos is seen only to you *although, taking into consideration the quality of Moscow’s map, it’s of SO little help :))*& make sure none of the sets or groupings your shot belongs to do not contain hints about the place where it was taken.

2. Tag

Please try and tag your photos with "GWMW " so that they can be found easily.

When your photo is unguessed, please try and tag it with "mwunguessed".

Once the photo is guessed, please remove the “mwunguessed” tag and replace with “mwunguessed” as well as the "usernameguessed” tag, of course replacing with the person who guessed correctly's name.

3. Respond

Please respond to people's guesses. Otherwise, the efforts you made to add a shot were of no use. Try not to spoil the fun of the game postponing the confirmation for weeks.

Note: the limit is set of 5 photos a day. That way people have a chance to guess at all of them.

Obviously, all the pictures which do not correspond to the premises will be removed from the group immediately.

Please play fair: Try not to research any pictures – anyway, googling/ yandexing/ ramblering & other kind of cheating will bring you no satisfaction…be a good sport and allow someone else try.

Most of all, have fun, and try to play the game with due consideration for other group members:))
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