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Ian D Nolan ADMIN August 29, 2014
There are no more themes for the 'Your Pictures' competition.

Last outing for our pictures: 6 September 2014.

Posting of photos in pool disabled.

Group Description

We are fans of the the Guardian's 'Your Pictures' competition, appearing for the last time on Saturday 6 September 2014.

(It was formerly called 'In Pictures')

The Guardian newspaper ran its 'In Pictures' photography competition online and in its 'Weekend' magazine.

A theme was given each Saturday, and contributors were invited to submit a photo in response to this subject. Two weeks after each theme was set, ~10 photos were reproduced online, and the best three or four were printed in the Weekend magazine.

This group was a place to compare members' shortlists and offer feedback to others, helping them to decide which photo to enter for the competition. We only added photos to the pool after we had decided to email them to in.pictures@guardian.co.uk as our competition entry.

1 - Firstly any ideas members had for the theme were shown. A small version of them was added to the discussion thread by placing [ square brackets ] around the URLs of the photos members were considering.

2 - Constructive feedback was given.. The goal was to help each other decide which photo to enter.

3 - When members decided which photo to enter, it was emailed it to the Guardian at in.pictures@guardian.co.uk before noon on Tuesday/Wednesday, including a daytime telephone number and a brief couple of sentences about the photo. The Guardian had a set of terms and conditions relating to this competition.

4 - The photo was added the pool. Only one photo each week should have been added - the one emailed to The Guardian.

5 - Two weeks later, members might have liked to come back to the discussion thread to share opinions on the results, or to congratulate the winner!

We were not part of the Guardian. We were just fans of their competition.

Some other Guardian things we noticed on Flickr...
- The Guardian on Flickr's photostream (Now inactive.)
- The Guardian Camera Club group (Now inactive.)
- The Word of Mouth group

Group Rules

1. All photos added to the pool (but not to discussion threads) must have been submited to the Guardian's 'In Pictures' competition, as found in their 'Weekend' magazine. Email pictures to in.pictures@guardian.co.uk

2. In line with the Guardian's rules governing their competition, only one photo per week is allowed. Due to a quirk of the way Flickr measures these things, it may appear that 2 photos are acceptable, but that's not the case - just the one, please.

3. The description (beneath your photo) and tags should make it clear for which competition theme the photo has been entered (e.g. 'Thought', 'Departures', 'Worship')

4. A photo should be added to the discussion thread for the week's theme. You can do this by clicking the 'All Sizes' icon above your image, choosing the 'Small' size, then copying and pasting the long html code into a thread on the discussion thread. We recommend using the discussion threads to get opinions on different ideas before you make your final selection.

Additional Info

  • Accepted content types: Photos, Videos, Images, Art, Screenshots
  • Accepted safety levels: Safe
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