The Guardian on Flickr PRO 10:47am, 13 March 2012
What do you think are the greatest global water challenges?

We may have met the drinking water millennium development goal, but serious challenges still remain around sanitation especially. As leader's meet from this week at the World Water Forum, until 20 April, when they reconvene at the sanitation and water for all 2012 high-level meeting we want to collect your images on the Global development site.

The project: So what's your message to the world about water? Please send us your messages to the world's leaders, and images that tell an important story about water. Plus come and
join the debate on our site and tell us what you want us to report on while we attend the World Water Forum, Alternative Forum, and analyse this issue over the coming month.

Ideas: For inspiration, take a look at your messages for the UN Women, health or education. We'll feature some of our favourites on and maybe in the print version of the Guardian as well.

Instructions: If you're on Flickr you can submit your photo to this group. If you are not on Flickr, don't worry – you can email your photo to and we will add it to group for you. Ideally, please add some information when you post or email your picture so we know who you are, where you're from and what your message means to you, although you're free to remain anonymous, of course.

By posting your pictures in this group, or sending it to us in response to this request, you agree to let us use it on our site and potentially in the newspaper (though copyright remains with you at all times, and you will be credited).
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