Mamluke 7:05pm, 17 April 2007
Hello, I put together this list to help myself keep track of the many groups within Flickr, and thought I'd share my efforts. Please let me know if you see any corrections or have any additions.

There are a few connected group lists in the History Directory here:

and in the Architecture Directory here:

See also the Art Directory
and the Music Directory



A Place of Rest:
Art Deco of the Dead:
British War Cemeteries:
butcher, baker, candlestick maker-deceased:
Catacombs, tombs, ossuaries, and boneyards:
Cemeteries, Cementerio, Friedhof, Cimetière, Cimiteri:
Cemeteries, Cementerios (Fine Art Photography):
Cemeteries & Sensuality:
Cementerios Internaciales:
Cemetery Animals:
Cemetery Gates:
Cemetery Film Photography-Quality not Quantity:
Cemetery Flowers:
Cemetery Hearts:
Cemetery Letters:
Cemetery Love:
Cemetery Medallions:
Cemetery Medals:
Cemetery Musical Instruments:
Cemetery Party:
Cemetery Pictures:
Cemetery Scrolls & Books:
Cemetery Sorrow:
Cemetery Stone:
Cemetery Symbolism:
Cemetery Whimsy & Humor:
Cemetery Winter:
Cimetières / Cemeteries / Cementerios:
Cities of the Dead:
Dead Famous:
Dead Folks (and Memorializing Them):
Death Becomes Them, a Cemetery Group:
Dolmens of the World:
Dying to be Famous:
Dying to be Famous - Forever:
Every Grave Can Tell a Story:
Final Resting Place:
Find a Grave:
Funeral Flowers:
Geographical Locations of Cemeteries:
Graves, Tombs & Cemeteries:
Grave Art:
Graves of Asians:
Graves to make you Laugh:
Gravestones & Graveyards:
Gravestone Yard:
Graveyard Distractions:
Graveyard Groupies:
Home/Folk-Made Gravemarkers:
How Did I Get Here?:
How do I love thee? Let me count the Graves:
Husband & Wife Cemetery Monuments:
I See Dead People {photo-ceramics}:
Indian Mounds:
It's a Living:
Jewish Graveyards:
"La Divina Comedia / The Divine Comedy" :
Last Words-Memorable Epitaphs:
Male Statues at Cemeteries:
Memento Mori:
Of Grave Concern:
Old Soldiers, Rest in Peace:
Pet Cemetery:
Phallic Tombstones:
Pushing up Daisies:
Religious Houses and Memorials to the Dead,Worldwide:
The Cemetery:
Tomb Stone:
Una Visita a la Muerte:
Undertakers, Funeral Parlors, Mortuaries, &c : Everywhere:
Visiting Famous Dead People:
Visitors of Cemeteries:
Written in Stone:



Japanese Cemeteries:

Australia / New Zealand / Oceania

Blue Mountains Cemeteries:
Cemeteries in Victoria:
Cemeteries of Australia:
Cemeteries of Australia and the Commonwealth:
Cemeteries of New Zealand:
Cemeteries of Queensland:
Cemeteries of South Australia:
Graves of Australian Pioneers:
New Zealand Cemeteries & Headstones:
Graves of Australian Pioneers:
Rookwood Cemetery (Rookwood Necropolis):
Sydney Cemeteries:
Toowong Cemetery [Brisband Central Cemetery]:


Cementerio de la Almudena (Madrid, Spain) :
Cementerios de España:
Cementerios de Madrid:
Cemeteries in Greece:
Cementerio Purísima Concepción (Melilla):
cimiteri italiani:
Cimitero Monumentale Milano:
Deutsche Friedhöfe / German Cemeteries:
Dutch Cemeteries:
Engel in Berlin:
Europe - Cemeteries:
European Cemeteries:
Friedhöfe in Schwarz-Weiss:
Glasnevin Cemtery:
Glasnevin, Also known as Prospect Cemetery:
Keat's Grave:
Kerepesi Cemetery, Budapest:
Kraków Cmentarz Rakowicki/Cracow Rakowicki Cementery:
Portuguese Cemeteries / Cemitérios de Portugal:
St. Marxer Friedhof Wien / Cemetery St. Marx Vienna:
The Bonaria's Cemetery:
The Woodland Cemetery:
Tumbas Reales:
Weissensee & Schoenhauser Allee:

Europe / France

Catacombes [unlimited]:
Cimetières Parisiens / Paris Cemeteries:
Cimetière Saint-Vincent:
Cimetière du Montparnasse:
Cimetière de Passy:
Cimetière de Montmartre:
Cimetière du Père Lachaise:
Calvaires bretons / Calvaries in Brittany:

Europe / UK

Abney Park Cemetery:
Arnos Vale Cemetery:
Brompton Cemtery:
Cemetery UK:
Church Graveyard UK:
Highgate Cemetery:
Kensal Green Cemetery:
London Cemeteries:
Necropolis Glasgow:
Postman's Park:
'Rust in Peace' UK:
The Norfolk Dead:

Middle East / Africa

Cemeteries in Israel - בתי קברות בישראל
Mezar & Kabir Resim ve Fotoğrafları:
Mezar Taşları:

North America: US - Canada

Arkansas Cemeteries:
Arlington National Cemetery:
Boston Cemeteries & Burial Grounds:
Bonaventure Cemetery:
Buried in Niagara:
Canadian Cemeteries:
Cedars Cemetery (Milton, Caswell County, North Carolina):
Cemeteries in Washington D.C.:
Chicago Cemeteries:
Cimetières du Québec:
Coastal Empire Cemeteries:
Connecticut Cemeteries:
Crown Hill Cemetery:
Evergreen Cemtery (Richmond, VA):
Georgia Cemeteries:
Graves of Native Americans:
Green-Wood Cemetery:
Harvard Grove Cemetery:
Hollywood Forever Cemetery:
Lakeview Cemetery, Cleveland, OH:
Michigan Cemetery Photos:
Midwestern Cemeteries:
Mount Auburn Cemetery:
Mount Jerome Cemetery:
Mountain View Cemetery:
New England Cemeteries:
Niagara Cemeteries & Spooky Places:
NY Cemeteries:
NCY Cemeteries:
Oakland Cemtery:
Official Green-Wood Cemetery:
Old West Graveyards:
Ontario Cemeteries:
Philadelphia Cemeteries:
Prospect United Methodist Church Cemetery:
Tennessee Cemeteries:
Texas Cemeteries:
Westview Cemetery:
Yanceyville Presbyterian Church Cemetery:

North America: Mexico - Caribbean

Casas para los muertes:
Panteones Mexicanos:

South America

Cemitério da Consolação:
Cemitério da Saudades - Campinas:
Cemitério do Campo Santo-Salvador:
Cemitérios do Brasil:
Cementerio El Salvador-Rosario (Santa Fe) - Argentina:
Cementerios de Chile:
Cemitérios do Brasil:
Recoleta Cemetery, Buenos Aires:
In Memoriam: Mr. Ducke 14 years ago
Thanks for putting together this very useful list!
As the administrator of Graveyard, I hope you don't mind me mentioning that we have introduced a 'weekly theme' thread, which will show up in the group name.This week,for example, it is 'Graves With Animal Guardians".
celticstoneman 14 years ago
Leo Reynolds 14 years ago
Fantastic. Amazing list.
Fin Fahey Posted 14 years ago. Edited by Fin Fahey (member) 14 years ago
Amazing list, who would've thought there'd be so many. One addition - in London we also have:

Abney Park Cemetery:
drivebybiscuits1 Posted 14 years ago. Edited by drivebybiscuits1 (member) 14 years ago
drivebybiscuits1 14 years ago
exciting partner [deleted] 14 years ago
whoa this is awesome! Here I just started a group for Mount Auburn Cemetery in Cambridge, Massachusetts:
DMS74 14 years ago
Thanks for taking the time to make this AWESOME list!
Zzzzt!Zzzzt! 14 years ago
Awesome list! Thanks for all your trouble!!
Mamluke 14 years ago
thanks so much everyone! glad it's appreciated. I've added these groups and made some other updates too.
Loretta Stephens13 14 years ago
Fantastic!!! Thanks!!
silent cup [deleted] 14 years ago
Wow I had no idea there were so many! Nice compilation!
Trapac 14 years ago
That's an amazing list - I love Arnos Vale cemetery and didn't expect you to have included it in your list - but there it is!!!

Phenomenal effort - much appreciated. I too had no idea there were so many. :)
Dixie Cheese 14 years ago
Thanks so much for this list - this is incredible and very much appreciated!!!
Mamluke 14 years ago
you're very welcome - all updated as well

See also The History Directory:

The Architecture Directory:

The Art Directory:

for much overlap
grilled cheese 14 years ago
awesome list! Thank you!
Mamluke 14 years ago
Thanks! All Updated
Ms_congeniality 14 years ago
Wow, thanks hun. Will never have to do a search for this group ever again. Going to have a look at some of them now.
Most impressive efforts in creating this list! Many thanks!
Harvard Avenue 14 years ago
This is great! Thanks!
Dio Bach Posted 14 years ago. Edited by Dio Bach (member) 14 years ago
Blimey - there's loads, when I set this up there wasn't anything related (that I recall) - Thanks for the list. :)
Mamluke 14 years ago
Your very welcome - All Updated too
bella.m 10 years ago
This was so, so helpful. Thanks for doing this!
tallow65 10 years ago
The following groupshould be added to your list:

Buried in Niagara:
tallow65 10 years ago
britcat2 10 years ago
Thanks for taking the trouble to compile this list. I guess this answers the often asked question about whether it is "weird" to photograph cemeteries. Weird or not, there's a lot of us.
Oskar Maggs 8 years ago
any chance you can make this topic sticky???
inetjoker 8 years ago
Ask and you shall receive.
squint photo 8 years ago
Wow, wonderful list! Thanks so much!!
DaveHook 8 years ago
For your geographical list, there is Ontario Cemeteries:
inetjoker 8 years ago
Thanks Dave
boundless year [deleted] 8 years ago
Also one for New York City specifically:
inetjoker 8 years ago
Keep adding folks. Thanks everyone.
Gordon _Iowa 8 years ago
Quevillon 8 years ago
An other one in North America, Quebec Cemeteries.
kristindale 8 years ago
Wow, great list!! Thanks for sharing, I'll be checking these out!
Dollymae Dagger 8 years ago
I have two groups that are not on the list:

"Death Becomes Them - A Cemetery Group"

"Dying To Be Famous- Forever"

The second one was created due to the fact that the moderator of the original, "Dying to Be Famous," had fallen off of the face of Flickr a few years ago. Subsequently people had been adding the graves of non-famous people.
Julián del Nogal Posted 8 years ago. Edited by Julián del Nogal (member) 8 years ago
This is a new group. I invite you all to enter your images of Madrid Cemeteries.
Richard Wintle Posted 8 years ago. Edited by Richard Wintle (member) 8 years ago
For North America, Canadian Cemeteries:

There's also Cemetery Winter:
little harbor [deleted] Posted 8 years ago. Edited by little harbor (member) 8 years ago
My new group that is intended to encourage research on the people the graves hold . How many people have walked in graveyards and looked at graves and wondered about the persons buried or mentioned there!
Eva Flaskas 8 years ago
Wow, that is a great list.

I started a group that is dedicated to film photography (35mm, 120, sheet film, instant and darkroom prints etc)

If there are any film shooters, hope you drop by.
Liannamaye 8 years ago
Other Australian Cemetery groups are..
Cemeteries of Queensland

Toowong Cemetery

Cemeteries of Australia and the commonwealth

Cemeteries of new Zealand
inetjoker 8 years ago
Nice. The OP made a great list and you all have added some other great links. I was going to try and ad your new links to the OP's list but Then I thought I should ask the OP first. Of if the OP would rather do that them self.
Nikodem Nijaki 8 years ago
Just Say Jules! 8 years ago
Great list!
I have a group, too!
Le gardien de phare 7 years ago
I did not see the mexican cemeteries group in the list.
wilmafresco 7 years ago
my pics are from Cooktown, Queensland Australia. Cooktown is full of history and is the place where Captain Cook first landed
boundless year [deleted] 7 years ago

Well, if he saw Cooktown on the map you know he probably felt like he just had to go.
Mamluke 7 years ago
Sorry for the delay in updating this list - I've added all of the suggestions here and quite a few more that I've uncovered - enjoy!
THANK You Mamluke! Your dedication to working on this directory list and support of members is impressive and appreciated.....especially from this new member :)

After the format change last spring, my older laptop almost-dial-up access couldn't handle the site. Now some of my fav groups have become either inactive or basically social forums. I refreshed the communities tab and found this one under 'groups we've noticed'. I liked what I saw and though I haven't posted many gtc type shots, I've taken tons over the years and plan to continue so look forward to participating soon :)
I have a group that isn't on the list:

"Bella Morte (Beautiful Death)"
thanks for researching this list
Grangeburn 6 years ago
Findagravescotland is a commercial venture, should it be advertised here? Shouldn't sandra1857 hide the groups she belongs to? oh dear!
inetjoker 6 years ago
Under advisement. Thanks.
Richard Wintle 6 years ago
Toru_Okada 6 years ago
Magnificent 7 Cemeteries - London Victorian cemeteries
Julián del Nogal 5 years ago
Thank you for your work to make this great and interesting recopilation.
inetjoker 4 years ago
Hello, I am about to go through this list and see how many are still active and moderated. I know I left many that are just now dumping grounds for Spam because the owners just gave up. If you could help me and start going through it with me it should not be a real big project.
Richard Wintle 4 years ago
The content in the last three I mentioned (Canadian Cemeteries, Cemetery Winter, and HDR Cemeteries) seems pretty much ok (a couple of spurious photos but nothing much). Discussions seem pretty inactive but that's kind of par for the course these days I guess.
Zzzzt!Zzzzt! 4 years ago
Member here 10 years, and it has been a great list... I'll help as I find time... Flickr is very different now, many once vibrant discussions are but a whisper now.
inetjoker 4 years ago
I know thank you. I am pretty overloaded this week with what I do here in the U.S. so I was going to start on this after Thursday.
ursinovianus 4 years ago
So many cemetery groups... I am looking for the one for analog shooters...
Richard Wintle 4 years ago

There's this one in the list above:
Hi there.

You may add the following group to your list, titled >REMEMBER THEM< It is a group for all cemeteries around the world and burial places of the famous. To be found is the graves of Audie Murphy in Arlington Cemetery among others
ROY WILKINSON 4 years ago
Thank you David.
motorhand2 Posted 2 years ago. Edited by motorhand2 (member) 2 years ago
Perhaps this group could be interesting for somebody.
It's about detail pictures of crafted hands, partly from cemeterys.
hand of stone
(only pictures with hands please)
Dr. Mike Caudle 9 months ago
My late Father, Edward Caudle, was a Texas Funeral Director for over 65 years. Having grown up in funeral directing family, I have seen my share of cemeteries in the U. S., all over Europe and in Okinawa. Yokota, Japan and South Korea. There are fascinating stories and histories to be learned by reading head stones on graves. Thanks for this site.
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