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Doctor Beef ADMIN December 11, 2011
Just a reminder: If there is no indication that your photo is a cemetery, either visually or by its tags or description, it will be removed without warning. Also, churches in and of themselves, while lovely, are not what this group is about. Unless you can see a churchyard around it, or unless it's a grave inside a church, these will also be removed. It's nothing personal, of course, and doesn't mean it's a bad photo. We're just trying to maintain the integrity of the group's theme.

Group Description

Photographs of graveyards, cemeteries and all manner of interesting headstones and tombs.

Acceptable images for the Group Pool:

Headstones, churchyard views and scenes; graveyard tableaux, cemetery architecture, ancient burial sites and markers; ossarium, crypts, interesting memorials, ornate tombs, grave markers and sculptures; wildlife on and around graves and tombs.

People, animals, flowers, trees, churches and other things not exclusive to cemeteries will be allowed only if the graves, tombs or cemeteries surrounding them are clearly visible. No exceptions.

Posts are limited to 3 images a day in this group due to the volume of posts.


Please don't post any living nudity - if it's carved of stone and marking a grave, it's fine. We will also remove any images that we believe to be disrespectful of the dead and location.

Images so heavily Photoshopped that they become abstract of the main themes of the group will also be taken out of the pool, as will any images of human or animal remains (outside of ossarium and crypts.)

Any shots of of people, animals, flowers, trees, churches, or other such things not exclusive to cemeteries, which do not clearly feature a grave, tomb or cemetery, even if they're taken in such a place, will be removed.

Please bear in mind, if Admins and Moderators cannot easily see that a grave, tomb or cemetery is featured in your photo, either by looking at the photo or your titles/descriptions/tags, it will likely be removed without warning. If you feel your photo has been wrongly removed, please feel free to contact us. If, however, you continually add the photo back into the group after it's been removed without first clarifying its relevancy, you'll be subject to removal from the group without warning. Also, if you continually post irrelevant material to the group, you may also face removal.


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Additional Info

  • Members can post 3 things to the pool each day.
  • Accepted content types: Photos, Images
  • Accepted safety levels: Safe
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