zen 8:43pm, 7 June 2006
I've had this happen a lot recently and have started doing it regularly myself:

When you see an interesting shot in a group and go to the individual group, leave a comment that includes: "Seen in name_of_group" and perhaps even if that's the only message you leave, it lets the owner know that you didn't just stumble across the image, but was intrigued by the thumb from a specific place. The group benefits because people want to know that their photos are at least being seen, and the person benefits by getting a bit more info about where you're from.

I don't know, it just seems civil, and i've started doing it.
Shahab Zargari 13 years ago
good idea!!
steeev 13 years ago
sounds like a good idea for a greasemonkey script, you should suggest it in the flickr hacks group, someone might write a script to make it easier to do...
auntiem 13 years ago
Good idea - I try and do this - more often now that I have figured out how to do the link code thing. It also shows folk who visit the photo, who might not know about your group, that there is such a group out there.
clickykbd 13 years ago
I would love a GM script that did that automatically... groups tend to fall below the radar unless they have highly active forums... yet there are so many great little niche pools on flickr that are fun to look through every now and then.
clickykbd 13 years ago
I posted this in Flickr Hacks.
mortimer? Posted 13 years ago. Edited by mortimer? (member) 13 years ago
See the following of this and the script (Greasemonkey and Bookmarklet/Favlet) here:
jauderho Posted 13 years ago. Edited by jauderho (member) 13 years ago
This is a great script but I would like to suggest one modification. It
does not make sense to autocomment when posting in your own stream so that could be disabled, that would be great. Thanks.
are you my rik? 13 years ago
Okay, so i've installed greasemonkey and installed the script...any body know how to make it work? I tried just commenting...that didn't work. Somebody used it on one of my pictures, so I know it works. Any help?

Sorry for the newbie question...
are you my rik? 13 years ago
clickykbd 13 years ago
Go to this thread in flickr hacks for specific help with the script...
the link
mortimer? 13 years ago
@jauderho, just go in Tools->Manage User Script, select this script and add into the exclude box a line with "http://*flickr.com/photos/YOURUSERNAME*"

@are you my rik?
You installed greasemonkey, relaunched firefox, the selected "Install User Script" on the script? then it should work without any other things to do.
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