Pulsar GTiR 450 4:06pm, 14 February 2009
As above, what would you buy?

Manta 400 or Quattro for me.
jonbradbury 9 years ago
Quattro or RS200.

I went to a show the other year just because they'd got those two running around a course.
ComfortablyNumb... PRO 9 years ago
I wouldn't say no to a nice Sport Quattro or a 205 T16...or a Delta S4 :o)

The 6R4 is my number one Group B machine but i've already been lucky enough to have owned one of those...
My old 6R4 - G610HFV
Pulsar GTiR 450 9 years ago
I'm a member of the Pegasus Motor Club in Bristol, one of our members has a 6R4
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