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René Maly ADMIN December 7, 2014
12 November 2014:

Please take notice of the new and improved GROUP RULES!

You can find them in the "sticky" section of the discussions and in the rules section of the "About" page.

If you have any questions or doubts, please take a look at the discussion board, you will find several sticky topics about what to submit and what not.

New members will have to read and agree to the new rules before entering the group.

This group is fully moderated, so it's useless to (re-)submit any pics...

Group Description

Why is green beautiful?

"It's verdant. Green is alive, a green plant has found water - the force. This is reassuring," says verseguru.

"Green is tasty too! Lime, mint, yum! I think it's a color that engages many senses," Rakka adds.

Ingrid says: "I can only echo what so many others here have said, green is the color of life. And of course, money ;)."

These are among some of the reasons group members say "Green is Beautiful." I agree.

Just look at the wonderful mix of green shots in this pool. Green is Beautiful!

Please post your photo once to the group pool. Please don't post the same photo over and over again. Thank you.

Group Rules

Please respect the fact that this group is dedicated to the color GREEN!

First and most important rule: at least the subject in your picture must be green, or in other words: the object/person/animal in your picture must be green!
If this is a too small part of your artwork, it will not be approved.

To keep things clear and simple, we will explain a bit more about what will be approved and what not:

* Even though woods and plants are most of the time green, a black&white shot can never be a green picture.....

* People and animals are generally NOT green, if your background is green (most of the times blurred), it will be denied. A picture is never about the background!!
If a person or animal (or more than one) are part of an overall green scene, the picture will be approved. If the subject is a too obvious not-green part of the picture, it will not.

* Same goes for close-ups of little bugs and flowers! Most aren't green, and the shot is hardly ever about the background! When flowers are photographed in a surrounding of sharp focused green gardens for example, it will be approved if the other color is not too dominant.
Shots will be approved if the subject takes approximately 25% or smaller on or in a green surrounding.

* Land- and waterscapes: your shot should AT LEAST be 50% green or it will not be accepted! Some shots have such low contrast that you can only see grey/blue/foggy colortones, these will not be accepted!

* Buildings (when not green) in a green surrounding will only be approved if the building is just a small part of the picture, a picture of a building as main subject is about that building, so it has nothing to do with green.

* Street photography: shots in which one person wears a green shirt is not a green pic.

* Nature is green, but a lot of shots in winter or fall do not have a green "feeling" because there are simply not enough green tones in it, the overall look of your shot must be green.

* It's about the colour GREEN, so no pictures of environmental issues that people call green, like a (red/blue/grey) electric car.

* Abstract work, paintings and drawings: 50% of your artwork has to be green, the overall feel of it must be green.

Some other rules:

* For introductions: use the introduction thread!! This is a sticky, so always on top of the discussion list. If you start your own introduction topic it will be deleted.

* Always be friendly and polite! We want people to feel welcome, let others be part of a positive environment.

* There's a "one pic a week" submission limit, please be careful in selecting your shot when submitting them.

* Do not re-post a denied picture, it will be denied again, it's a waste of your and our time and effort.

* Do not "bump up" your shot by deleting it and re-posting it or re-submit with another name. If we notice this we will deny it.

* Questions about specific brands/types of cameras are best placed in groups about cameras and equipment.

* Please do not post "spam" topics with commercial goals, politics or religion.

* Please do not start discussions like "why was my pic removed or denied", here's the answer: "it wasn't green enough!"

* When in doubt about a picture, refer to the topic about denied shots or put a thumbnail in the "is this green enough" topic.

* NEVER take denial or removal of your picture personally! We are here to keep the group and the photo pool clean, not to offend anybody!

Last but not least:

We are always open for suggestions!!

Let's go for green and keep it green!!!

Thank you all very much!!

Additional Info

  • This group will count toward the photo's limit (60 for Pro members, 30 for free members)
  • Members can post 1 thing to the pool each week.
  • Accepted content types: Photos, Images, Art, Screenshots
  • Accepted safety levels: Safe
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