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The Contest:
To create a LEGO scene depicting an event involving the titans of ancient Greece in accordance with the chosen category:

Category A - Micro Build
Category B - Semi Scale (approximately 16x16)
Category C - Unlimited Size, preferably large scale.

The parameters and rules of this contest are as follows:

1: Size:
Category A - Micro Build (eg: create a Mini-scale scene or titan character).
Category B - Semi Scale 16x16 (a scene or titan that can be a VIG or MOC but fits approximately a 16 x16 baseplate)
Category C - Unlimited Size, preferably large scale. (As big as you want to make it and as expansive as you want to show)

2: Scale:
There is no restriction beyond the category sizes already stipulated, so can be micro, midi, minifig, or larger.

3: Part Usage:
Must be made with LEGO products or any accepted Customizer products, eg: BrickWarriors, however no clone brand products are permitted. No digital entries will be permitted.

4: Deadlines:
The contest will end on April 30th 2013 - (This will be judged as midnight in whatever time zone you live in). There will be no extensions to this deadline.

5: New Submissions Only:
Item must be of something new, so never before seen on the internet or entered in another contest on Flickr etc.

6: The Theme Restrictions:
Your entry must, in some way, be focused on the 'Titan Legends' but concepts such as 'twists' on a theme and 'then and now' will be permitted.

7: Judging:
This will be done by a panel of three builders not submitting to the contest. Results are intended to be posted in three days of the contests end.

Judges have now been set and will be: brick.spartan, peggyjdb and Mattiusxavier.

8: Restrictions on Entrants
The contest is open to all old and new members of this group except for brick.spartan who is sponsoring and the other judges for the contest.

9: Number of Entries allowed:
No limit to the number of entries you wish to submit, however only your best placed model can be in the 'top three' for the category and thus score points for the placing of the overall points winner.

10: Submissions to the Entry Thread:
You can post up to 3 pictures of your model to the entry thread to show all angles. Only images submitted in the entry thread and before the deadline will be judged. Please make sure you are using the brackets so that the picture shows in the thread - [pic link] (Admins and Mods can help if you are unsure how to do this).

11. The Prizes:
We will have 4 prize packages: one for each category winner and one for the overall points winner from the three catigories. 5 Points are awarded for a category win, 3 Points for a 2nd place, 2 points for a third place and 1 point for a special mention.

Prizes for each of the four winners will be a choice of one collectable titan minifigure (either a Minotaur, Cyclops or Medussa)

Post any questions or quries below.
Themeowster176 Posted 5 years ago. Edited by Themeowster176 (member) 5 years ago
Can I do something like a Odysseus moc? I just saw a movie about it and I want to do one.
Zeessi 5 years ago
Would you mind giving us your definition of "Titan"? Do you mean the actual Titans, mythological monsters, the Greek gods, etc.?
brick.spartan 5 years ago
He would be a great subject for this contest.

We do not wish to limit creativity, as long as your effort reflects greek mythology of the gods and/or creatures etc. it will qualify for the contest.
Zeessi 5 years ago
Sweet, thanks for the clarification.
Royal Brick Customs 5 years ago
Hey guys,

I just joined this group.

One quick question about the contest.

Can we include custom minifigs in our MOCs?
Also is sculpting, painting, decaling, or part modification allowed for creating custom minifig(s)?

Brother Steven 5 years ago
Hmmmmmm... Interesting.. }:)
brick.spartan 5 years ago

We will allow some customising to figures, however the figure should still be recognisable as a LEGO character when your done. I will leave you to decide how far to push those limits!
workshysteve PRO 5 years ago
I've had a thing waiting in my head that fits this perfectly. just need a certain piece from series 10 figs. If I get that in time I'm in :)
brick.spartan 5 years ago

Good luck then!
playslashwite 5 years ago
Awesome! Have a whole bunch of mythological Greek stuff just laying around, waiting to be deployed! :D
Mecharonn 5 years ago
Right after the MocAthalon has finished, I'm in!
ZorkZ 5 years ago
As I see titans are spiritual creatures, so If you find useful pictures about titans, please share it.

I have found this:
brick.spartan Posted 5 years ago. Edited by brick.spartan (admin) 5 years ago

This disscusion thread might be a good place to start for inspiration and key word searches!

This is another useful discussion thread for figure inspiration:
Digger1221 5 years ago
Brother Steven:

My thought exactly! ;)
brick.spartan 5 years ago

I'm sure you will both make this even more interesting with some great builds!!
wills97 5 years ago
is there anyway i could get an extension to tomorrow morning at like 10 AM? please? my Mom screwed up in sending me the pics fom her computer
brick.spartan 5 years ago
There will be no exentsions to the deadlines, however, fortunately for you it is the 31st of March today and the Contest deadline is the 30th April! As you can make as many as you would like that means pleanty of time to make more entries!
brick.spartan 5 years ago
Judges have now been set and will be: brick.spartan, peggyjdb and Mattiusxavier.
wills97 5 years ago
Wheww! Thanks i was confused and thought the deadline was MARCH 30th! But could you please tell me how to upload the pictures to the entry thread? I uploaded them to the group page but cant figure out how to get them into the entry section
brick.spartan 5 years ago

I have answered that in the thread you created, which I re-named 'how to enter the wrath of the titans contest?'
mpoh98 5 years ago
How big can we make a micro build? Are there size restrictions?
brick.spartan 5 years ago
There are no additional limits beyond the build being in Micro Scale.
Yacapo 5 years ago

Oh boy............
Hayden, 5 years ago
How directly linked to the titans must it be? Could it be any aspect of Greek. Mythology?
maaz4 5 years ago
I'm in!
Hammerstein NWC PRO 5 years ago
Hi Sorry if this is a bit of a stupid question, but I'm working on some Jason and the ARgonaut stuff and wondered if this would be ok as it falls within the Greek mythology bracket!
brick.spartan 5 years ago

If it is part of greek mythology then the Titans were involved! Any greek myth is therfore acceptable. Just be careful not to mix up history and myth eg: my 300 MOC would not qualify as this is an event in history whereas the minotaur in the maze is a myth. Troy covers both, the horse was a peice of human ingenuity that lileky happend at this battle. Hector and Achillies feats at the battle on the other hand are now built up in the myths of the gods 'protecting' them.

Hammerstein NWC:

Jason was manipulated by the gods and fought the Titans thoughout the story so I think I'm safe in saying this will be fine! Lol.
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