BrandonBphotography PRO 6:03pm, 16 February 2011
Found these in my Great Great Grandfathers war stuff. Looks to be of WWI era... any knowledge or tips would be appreciated. This kind of stuff is so fascinating to me. Thank you

Wooway1 PRO 7 years ago
Someone will be of greater help than I can offer. Post these at the Flying Circus as WWI aircraft experts visit there. The first is a French pilot standing by a fighter aircraft. He is probably identifiable.The second is a German two seater bomber. The pilot was probably from Konigsberg. I will look through a couple of references but someone should come along soon and better id these.
BrandonBphotography PRO 7 years ago
Thank You Wooway1 ! anything helps
Musee Skupinski Posted 6 years ago. Edited by Musee Skupinski (member) 6 years ago
Top picture is of a SPAD (French Fighter Plane) with the Storke Squadron which is famous because of George Guynemer, top French Ace. second picture is of German Bomber, the kind that bombed London. Check Out Musee Skupinski if you are interested in WW1 Uniforms and equipment.
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