Mr Gourmand 10:05am, 11 May 2006

Do you have shots commented with 3 or more "great"? Would you mind post them here (in medium size)?
Mr Gourmand 9 years ago
Harrier 9 years ago
Black Bear Cub
gizzmo2z 9 years ago
Kitty playing 2
gerb 9 years ago
Sea lion tug o' war
gerb 9 years ago
gerb 9 years ago
shanerhyne 9 years ago
Grayton Beach Wildlife
shanerhyne 9 years ago
shanerhyne 9 years ago
Red White and Blue
CJNStudios 9 years ago
Brooks Ayola 9 years ago
Jeffrey and Tiana
mrwsierra 9 years ago
7 greats.

Zion Narrows
-rick lawrence- Posted 9 years ago. Edited by -rick lawrence- (member) 9 years ago
vancouver 158

vancouver 139
Dave - aka Emptybelly 9 years ago
Approaching Lebanon...
amberlion 9 years ago
Iceberg in Le Conte Bay, Alaska (closeup)
icejammer 9 years ago
Winter Sunset
*atrium09 Posted 9 years ago. Edited by *atrium09 (member) 9 years ago
9 greats...
La Piscina para mi solo / The Swimming pool for my single one
*atrium09 9 years ago
Great x7

Milbrose Posted 9 years ago. Edited by Milbrose (member) 9 years ago
11 so far
pudaniel 9 years ago
Blue Triplets (Iris)
pudaniel 9 years ago
Rose Lips
pudaniel 9 years ago
Stick out your tongue
pudaniel 9 years ago
Rose Tears for all who's Mother has Passed on
pudaniel 9 years ago
Pink Sorrel (Oxalis articulata) - 2005
pudaniel 9 years ago
Plumbago 2 - 2006
pudaniel 9 years ago
Morning Daisy
pudaniel 9 years ago
Bradford Pear Spring 2006
pudaniel 9 years ago
Two Bee Passionate
derequito 9 years ago
wedge in the darkness
*atrium09 9 years ago
5 Greats....

El Pequeño Campesino / The Small Farmer
*atrium09 9 years ago
7 greats.............

Que miras? / What are you looking at?
unpolarized 9 years ago
3 each so far
Major Blues

Shadow Run

Juergen B aus M [deleted] Posted 9 years ago. Edited by Juergen B aus M (member) 9 years ago
4 Greats ...
Kugelfisch - pufferfish
3 Greats ...
Crowned Crane / Grauhals - Kronenkranich
chipdatajeffb 9 years ago
One of my best (with 4):

jillhudgins [deleted] 8 years ago
this one has 4
hello old friend
Drella 8 years ago
Samson 06

10 greats
J_Ymmit 8 years ago

Lemon Jelly (water drop)
zzzf 8 years ago
cypherone - Taiwan 8 years ago
淺水灣飛碟屋 the UFO house
cmk53 Posted 8 years ago. Edited by cmk53 (member) 8 years ago
Nantucket in Oklahoma

Late afternoon in March II

the fencerow
Super Sancho Posted 7 years ago. Edited by Super Sancho (member) 7 years ago

(A lot of the compliments come from linking the picture to the concept in my caption, fyi.)
duncan 7 years ago
shocked face
wimpers 7 years ago
Look to the other side and see more...
Zantonio 6 years ago
Cibeles, no conduzcas.
Muslim Call to Prayer
Groups Beta