GRD v.2.0 ???

[ kasari ] PRO 7:19pm, 29 August 2007
I am *this* close to ordering a GRD.

But, I keep hearing that I should wait until the updated 2nd Gen GRD is released. Is the 2nd Gen GRD a myth or is such a thing actually going to come out at some point?

any speculation?? *slash* insider information??
magnolio01 10 years ago
same here.
Christoffel K. [deleted] 10 years ago
i'm having the same problem.. one indication is that i'm seeing stores here selling out their gr1's, and prices have gone down quite abit. i've been reading up down here and the word goes it will come out in autumn. Of course that is nowhere near a fact. I'd expect it to be previewed somewhere even sometime before its gonna come out, which hasnt happened anywhere. So as to that there is no official indication of it comming out.
I personally am waiting for the sigma dp1 reviews, the camera should come out 26th of september and that really really seems to be a beast if you ask me. It would offer a nice addition to my fuji S5 if i need really need some hires pics, since it has the same sensor as sigma's DSLR, with 14mp =)
andrewhiggins1 Posted 10 years ago. Edited by andrewhiggins1 (member) 10 years ago
(Also posted to GR Fans group discussion)
The GRd mk2 is almost certainly going to be announced soon, as Ricoh update their models quite often (the R series particularly).
But think back to the film GR1, which was updated with no major changes.
I think the GRd2 will have maybe 10megapixel sensor, new image processing engine, and will take the GX100 electronic viewfinder. For me, this is nothing major either. The lens will stay, as a 28mm lens is the GR 'trademark' feature.
If you find a good price for a GRd, I'd go for it now. I bought mine last week from an eBay seller, at a good price, and I'm delighted to own and use it.
hirosan 10 years ago
When's Photokina take place?
Ricoh has shown something before, hoping there will be some announcement take place there... besides R7.
rodgerma 10 years ago
Photokina is held in September every 2 years, next time in 2008.
I don't think Ricoh will wait that long tho.
September 2007 is a bet, hopefully a good one :-)
I have a GX100 and am looking forward to see the specs for the new GR.
[ kasari ] PRO 10 years ago
cool. thanks for the info everyone.

ajh: I hear you. I hate waiting to buy photo gear because it seems like lost opportunities to get some great shots. Waiting, let's say, 2 months for the new GR equals 2 months of photos that I could have taken with an original GR. haha... it's this kind of thinking that keeps me in credit card debt.

I'll probably just keep my eyes open for a good deal on a GR...if I don't find anything outstanding, I'll try to be patient and wait for the new version to drop.
Adrian Morgan 10 years ago
2nd Gen Ricoh, could be very cool if they listen to all the complaints about slow RAW write times (this is my one real complaint!).

However, it doesnt exist yet, even in preview announcements. But the Ricoh GRD cheap, and shoot with it. it is a great little camera.

The Sigma DP1 looks very interesting, but it was supposed to be released in May, and the website ( still doesn't have a release date ad hte last news article was back in March.
Christoffel K. [deleted] 10 years ago
dpreview shows september 26th as a release date on the dp1, but i think ill go for a cheap ricoh grd1 too though, the dp1 is 5 x 6 x11 centimeters, thats like having a brick in your pocket. allmost double as fat as the gr.
and I aint buying a super expencive brand newly released camera if i can get the cheap one.. never been an early adopter..
gullevek PRO 10 years ago
If there is a v2 version I hope for a bigger sensor size so you can get better images with high iso. thats my only big negative point on the GR D.

Also the "popup" flash is a bit flimsy and I am always worried that I will break it.
mehdi_mex 10 years ago
I have bought a GR Digital one month ago, and I'm really happy with it. I bought it from second hand it I think anyone finding one at a good price should buy it. This camera is excellent, but if the next is not as good ?
Sounds pretty impossible, but for now, I REALLY love my GRD,
jackisidore 10 years ago
Hi, any new rumors on when a revised GRD might be released? I would be able to get by just fine with the GRD but if a GRD2 isn't cheaper I would at least expect to see some people selling their old ones on ebay when a new version is released.

Other than that, I haven't seen any prices lower than what Adorama sells it for. Any suggestions where I might find it cheaper if I decide not to wait?
the-difference PRO Posted 10 years ago. Edited by the-difference (member) 10 years ago
looking around blogs of Japanese GRD users, one person suggested the announcement might be this month.

one main reason is that the GRD v.1 announcement was SEP 13 two years ago, and the sale date in Japan was a month later on OCT 21. they might try to follow a same release schedule.
Frank Mercurio 10 years ago
The other thing you may want to wait for is Sigma's DP1 - if it ever comes out. If the DP1 is anything close to what it says it is, it will be something really really special. The only issue I see negative for the DP1 on paper is its slowish F4 lens, but like the GRD it too will have a 28 mm fixed lens. However the DP1 is slated to have a 14MP sensor and a fast processor, but as I say this, so far is only on paper.

I asked Sigma to send some info regarding release dates, and they said just to watch out for it on the site. Was neither encouraging or discouraging, but it is too bad how long this cam has taken to get to market, because it was announced last year at Photokina as a PS cam with a standard aps sensor, then they changed it to the large format SD14 SLR size 14MP sensor. At this point, I would take either one, just get it out here.

As I said on paper, the DP1 sounds awesome, but I have yet to see a pic from one, a price or a release date - only a really nice slick website, thats it.

If you get a smokin deal on a v1 GRD, I would do it too. v2 GRD as was mentioned above will likely not be much change, minor at best.
rodgerma 10 years ago
A follow up to the GRD will not be in 2007 according to what I've heard. I have no idea when, but 2008 is my bet. So it seems certain that 2007 is out of the picture.
On a positive note: The longer they wait before they release an upgrade, the more improvements to expect :-)
sghound 10 years ago
SIGMA DP1 is vaporware.
jaemes 10 years ago
Rodgerma, just interested where you heard about the 2008 release date for the GRD follow-up?
rodgerma 10 years ago
jaemes, a Swedish mag quoted Ricoh saying "not before the year change". That's all the info. It is coming, no surprise there, but not in 2007. We can always hope for early in 2008.
Of course, Ricoh holds the cards. Maybe they need/want to sell more GRDs....
Adrian Morgan 10 years ago
Or maybe they want to sell more GX100's!!
cchrisj PRO 10 years ago
I am nearing one year on my GR-D, I only wish that I wasnt such a cheap ass and bought it earlier. I am definitely going to snap up a GRD2 when it drops though regardless if it is soon or not.
hirosan 10 years ago
Undefined source indicates GR Digital is available while supply lasts...
I did not hear this directly from the reliable source so take it as a rumour...
adrianplambert [deleted] 10 years ago
just a thought, but it would be great if the attachments would still fit on any updated grd model. A good modular system is always a strong sign of a good product in photographic tools.
disuye PRO 10 years ago
Hopefully a non-ADJ wheel crashing firmware for GRD1 comes out before they bring any GRD2 into the market :)
Cal Cohen de Lara [deleted] 10 years ago
I know exactly where this is going. I'll buy the GRD1 before I leave for Senegal next month, and the GRD2 will be announced two weeks later. Story of my life.
Just been to a major photo store in Tokyo. Was told the GRD is sold out, new model slated for arrival in November... according to shop staff.
0livr 10 years ago
Great news! Im tired of waiting for the Sigma DP-1, GRD v2 it is!
Peking.Duck 10 years ago
hope they won't put a 12mp sensor on the new GRD...
rodgerma 10 years ago
Well, this is certainly interesting news indeed.
Now, who'll get the first glimpse of the real thing?
I wish Ricoh could release the specs before the final release.....
Y.B. Hudson III PRO 10 years ago
Yehh, maybe they can now manufacture a product whose profit isn't eaten up in warranty repair costs:)
drdefend 10 years ago
Hi, I want this bad boy :) Where do you order it beside ebay? I usually shop at Amazon, but I couldn't find it there. Just hope that GRD 2 came out soon .
0livr Posted 10 years ago. Edited by 0livr (member) 10 years ago

You can order the GRD there, but its a bit overprice.

On ebay its really cheap now, and most sellers are from japan anyways but you might as well wait for the GRD v2.
Went to another store today - also sold out, but this time they just said 'discontinued' without a hint of replacement...
colette_noir PRO Posted 10 years ago. Edited by colette_noir (member) 10 years ago
I have just gotten my GRD from Popflash. I don't know where besides ebay one could find it cheaper, however I preferred Buying form Popflash.
Having a US warranty and a dealer with a good reputation is nice :)
It's rather like when I bought my Finepix F31fd, it was discontinued right afterwards and became impossible to find.
I feel like I jinxed it :(
andrewhiggins1 10 years ago
colette - so we should thank you for the F31fd becoming such a sought after camera, and hope you have worked your magic/jinx on the GRd Mk1 . . . !
colette_noir PRO Posted 10 years ago. Edited by colette_noir (member) 10 years ago
Good one ajh400
I *wish* I'd so much influence ;)
I have already been offered more than I paid for my F31fd
No deal tho
I got the F31fd based on reivews and sample images seen on flickr
I *really* like it
Same for my GRD, it is no digital Hexar AF
Instead, it is unique.
The view, sharp forever, no distortion, and lightning fast.
As an artist friends of mine once said, digital is NOT film
Rejoice and indulge in the differences!
It too is a keeper
For what it's worth, the GR-D is marked "Out of Production" on the Ricoh website (blue circle in the GR-D image).
0livr 10 years ago
Great news! Now they should be releasing some official news about GRD v2 soon!
Cal Cohen de Lara [deleted] 10 years ago
Uh-oh. I just ordered mine from a local store. I think I can still cancel it... But I NEED a point&shoot for my vacation in 2 weeks.
_Supa_ Posted 10 years ago. Edited by _Supa_ (member) 10 years ago
Take the Grd With you and you won't regret it.
Do not forget your Lomo also :-)

Personally every day I Have i my pockets the GRD and my diana+.
Films are not dead!
colette_noir PRO Posted 10 years ago. Edited by colette_noir (member) 10 years ago
I love my GRD!
Unless the GRD2 is major step up, my next Ricoh will be a GX100!
jimmyfuture 10 years ago
The GRD is down to around $400 in local stores in Osaka, and many are out of stock - production over? ... seems as though the market is getting ready for a new one.

Likely to have a larger sensor, faster RAW write speed, and...not much else, I'm guessing, other than some software tweaks (and hopefully a stronger flash enclosure)
superlocal 10 years ago
just got my lens fixed and asked the Seoul Ricoh service center guy about the GRD2 and he said,
Feb 2008 at about 600,000 won +/- 50,000 won
(US$650 +/- $50)

then he showed me how their prices are rising,
2 months ago, they were hovering around the 550,000 won mark and today they average at 600,000 - 650,000. probably caused by the discontinuation notice.
Cal Cohen de Lara [deleted] 10 years ago
I'm still on the fence between the GRD and Canon Ixus 860, which also goes down to 28mm. If the GRD2 drops soon the devaluation of the GRD1 will be a pain, plus I'd really want to upgrade immediately.

I really, really like the idea of the GRD. I love the idea of a good fixed 28mm with aperture priority and some manual control. But to be honest I haven't been that impressed with the image quality of most of the shots I've seen from it.

I know the Ixus lacks the 'cool' factor but I've seen really good shots from it, and I used to get good results with my ixus 400. Plus I enjoy having a good movie mode.

If the GRD2 has better noise performance and faster RAW write speed it would be no contest. Decent movie mode would be a bonus.

I just need to get something now, and wait for the GRD2. When that drops I'll just have to bite the bullet and cough up the cash.
jimmyfuture 10 years ago
Amen - decent movie mode, please...

getting good Jpegs out of the GRD - recommend ASA100. much higher brings the noise..
David, why not get a second hand GR-D for the time being? Then you would also know if it is worth waiting for v2 in terms of handling etc.

Interesting comment re. Feb 2008 in Korea. A release in Japan 2-3 months earlier would make a lot of sense.
0livr Posted 10 years ago. Edited by 0livr (member) 10 years ago
2-3 months is not that bad, and speaking of GRD, the prices are dropping like crazy in Japan. Im tempted on getting one because theres a lot of sale going on and my GX100 needs a companion. :3
Y.B. Hudson III PRO Posted 10 years ago. Edited by Y.B. Hudson III (member) 10 years ago
Ricoh touted the GR_D as a professional quality camera...professional quality cameras don't fail with warranty issues on a regular basis... I'd wait for the new version, and then only if they have addressed the enginering problems inherit with the original design, and have improved the durability factors and the quality of their warranty service providers.
colette_noir PRO 10 years ago
y b hudson
in this thread as well as your now missing post from the viewfinder thread you keep mentioning the lack of reliablity of the GRD.
Looking at various forums, I do see some cameras issues.
But many others have used theirs very hard and for lng periods of time without issue.
So I have to ask, did you have one and did it fail you badly?
Did Ricoh service fail you?
magnolio01 10 years ago
YB HUDSON III I'm with you.
Es muy posible trabajar con el pequenyo sensor del GRD. El blanco y negro me parece muy interesante, parecido a la Kodak Tri-X de los antiguos tiempos (my god ! 10 anyos: una eternidad)
La ventaja principal de la GRD es EL GUSTO que uno tiene al tomar fotos en cualquier sitio, dado el tamanyo reducido.
Otras ventajas: Fix Focus lens, F2,4, sturdy construccion, y un sin numero de posibilidades creativas.
Ahora bien si sale un GRD2 con un sensor 24x17, un lente FIJO de 1,4 y de tamanyo iugual....tendre problema !
Y.B. Hudson III PRO Posted 10 years ago. Edited by Y.B. Hudson III (member) 10 years ago

colette, I started a project using a GR_D in January 07, after sparing use, lens alignment isues appeared (left side of frame would not focus), in April. (5 weeks for warranty fix). The camera functioned flawlessly untill july, when the lens froze and the camera would not respond to any function. (8 weeks for warranty fix). When The GR_D arrived from the warranty contractor, it could only focus in the macro mode, and the right side of the frame will not focus at all! This camera was returned to the warranty contractor...mean while, I aquired a second GR_D to assure the aesthetic continuity of my project. The price one pays for that nostalgic tri-x look, WTF! I've used Leica M's & Nikon F,s, digital Olympus & Cannon Dslr's and never been plagued like this.
colette_noir PRO 10 years ago
I am sorry to hear about that, your experience would sour anyone :(
Yes, for the price one would expect better.
Others have reported much better reliablity and/or warranty service
I am loving mine so far, hopefully my luck will be better.
Has your second GRD also failed "on a regular basis" then?
Y.B. Hudson III PRO 10 years ago
megaperls, Please reread my post and then I'll make you a good deal on my first GR_D, It's been used infrequently:) My second GR_D was manufactured 3 months ago, I have been using it for six weeks with out problems.
*Erik B* Posted 10 years ago. Edited by *Erik B* (member) 10 years ago
For it's price tag the GRD definitely lacks build-quality. The lens-shaft is flimsy and does not feel solid. Dust gets inside the camerabody and on the sensor quite easy. I had mine repared two times already and again, for the third time now, the camera freezes now and then and stops working at all. I almost always have the camera on me so I use it intensively. But despite all this i'm still in love with this little sucker. The look of the images is unique. Man I love that grain... I only hope that a GRDv2 has better build quality (and faster raw writing speed).
Let's speculate a bit more then...

There are around 30 press releases on the Japanese Ricoh digital camera site since 9 Jan 07. The most recent is dated 26 Sep 07. The only GR Digital items relate to a photo contest (ended 24 Sep). Everything is Caplio. The 1st anniversary blue edition was announced last October...
0livr Posted 10 years ago. Edited by 0livr (member) 10 years ago
GR Digital 2?????????????????????

It does mention GR Digital 2, but not what you think. haha :(
Yes, it is an event in Yokohama on 3/4 Nov celebrating 2nd anniversary of the GRD and a photo show. Good timing for an announcement? :)

Anyway, some people seem to question whether Ricoh will continue with the GR series at all - given its status it would be foolish to abandon it from a marketing perspective, even if it is not a profitable product. On top of this, you would hardly ran promo events on a discontinued product if a replacement is not in the works...
0livr Posted 10 years ago. Edited by 0livr (member) 10 years ago
My next door neighbor said its def next week... :P

Come one guys, just wait for the press release or we'll end up worse than the Sigma DP1 people. At least they have some specs and pictures to play with.
jimmyfuture 10 years ago
I work quite near the Ricoh head office in Ikeda City, Osaka Pref.
maybe I could lead a group to waltz in and fan it up!
just kidding...
Christoffel K. [deleted] 10 years ago
Wieuwieuwieuw! my GR1 is coming in tomorrow, on dpreview forum it says they seized the production of GR1's, that means, either GR dies out, or something new. I'm not gonna wait though till next summer before the new ones price dropped again to a reasonable price if it comes at all. you could call me a very, very late adopter..
Jimmyfuture, could you perhaps rummage through Ricoh's garbage cans one of these days and see if you can dig anything up for us?
Yoroshiku :)
Cal Cohen de Lara [deleted] 10 years ago
With all this speculation, I went out and got a Canon Ixus 860 for my trip to Senegal next week. It's 28mm 2.8 at the wide end, has a good movie mode and is pretty easy to use. I just wish it had Aperture priority and some manual functions on one or two dials. It's a p&s and it feels that way. Anyway, it will keep me going until I can get a GRD2 creative set.

Off-topic: I just read the Canong G9 review on DPreview. Now that's another potentially awesome compact that's let down by a so-so sensor. When will these manufacturers learn? Image quality is everything!!!!
Trevor Hare PRO 10 years ago
Because the buying public demand more and more pixels so we are told.

It is going to get worse not better. Demand for smaller cameras with smaller sensors that top 20megapixels is not far off. The downside will be highly visible noise even at ISO 50 - 100 but at least the megapixel bragging rights of non-photographers will be satisfied.
Trevor Hare PRO Posted 10 years ago. Edited by Trevor Hare (member) 10 years ago
The manufacturers do not need to learn anything about selling these compact cameras. They are (mostly) not sold to photographers. They are sold to casual users who at most stick an sd card in a machine at the mall that spits out instant 6x4s. Usually they are happy just to view the results on the back of their camera and will rarely even fill a card before a more braggable compact comes along or the old one ceases to match their sunglasses.
Peter Bellars 10 years ago
At the big camera shops in Tokyo they are telling me that an announcement will be made RE a new GR on 30th/31st October. Wait and see.
hirosan 10 years ago
adrianplambert [deleted] 10 years ago
need a translations but 10mp plus a tele adapter...
glad it's the same form factor... i just bought my gw1.
raw buffer?
3.8s from 11s
adrianplambert [deleted] 10 years ago
oooohh, to upgrade or not???
doesn't sound like a real response to everyone's request.
adrianplambert [deleted] 10 years ago
think i'll see what the mythical dp1 has to offer if/when it arrives.
hirosan 10 years ago
Glad to find out the overall factor has not changed dramatically!
I will run and get GW-1: I need tee second wide converson lens!

> lambsporriegetta
Oops... I hope you accept my apology for not linking to the translation site...
The tele adapter, as well as the other accessories work with the current GRD, the site says!
hirosan 10 years ago
But one big drawback I did not want to see is... passive AF sensor is replaced by LED AF sensor :(
So you mean it will have AF assist light?
adrianplambert [deleted] 10 years ago
hirosan, no probs, i got the numbers etc anyway, and i gathered from the chart the 40mm adapter was backward compatible.
Moiz Syed 10 years ago
Why the sadness about the loss of passive AF sensor?
hirosan Posted 10 years ago. Edited by hirosan (member) 10 years ago
> megaperls
That's what it says... and it can be easily found in the comparison photos. Will it be red, like R6 and R7? I don't know the colour of LED AF assist light. It would be great for low-light photography, but I have to do half-press for auto focusing, I can't reliably take fast moving objects like cars and trains without the passive AF!

> lambsporriegetta
Good! It seems that the last firmware update is coming in about 4 hours at Ricoh website... adds some features available for GRD2 like compatibility with forthcoming 40mm tele converter, showing only shutter speed and aperture numbers in monitor synchro mode, and different B&W mode, as well as long-awaited manual flash power control!

This info is also available at impress publication, too.

> moizsyed
Why? Because GRD is one of very few compact cameras that has dual AF for extremely fast allows in good lighting, eliminating half-pressing shutter... now it comes only with sensor AF, half-shutter plays the big role!
That's why I stick with Caplio R5, not R6 or R7!
adrianplambert [deleted] 10 years ago
something and nothing but 1:1 frame on the current GRD would be fun.
hirosan 10 years ago
> lambsporriegetta

> 1:1 frame on the current GRD would be fun

Ricoh has included this feature for bloggers who need 1:1 format... and since I like the feature on GX100, I preset it as a Settings 1, but heavy distortion is something I noticed with it... I am expecting a less distortion with GRD... would be fun to shoot square macro shots!
viscerality 10 years ago
But will the GRD2 work with a MicroSync Digital radio transmitter?
gs363 10 years ago
Does anyone know if the GT-1 teleconversion lens (40mm) can be used on the GRD 1?

(I'm glad to see that this upgrade does NOT render my GRD obsolete - probably a first for digital cameras. I can live with the slow RAW and its high ISO performance.)
hirosan 10 years ago
According to Ricoh's press release, the firmware that will make the 1G GRD compatible with GT-1 won't be released until the 22nd day of November, which is the release date for GRD2.
Well, GT-1 won't be available until some time after GRD2 comes out, so it makes sort of sense the firmware is not available yet... I wanted a synchro monitor off with shooting info, though!
Moiz Syed 10 years ago
I'm getting confused about the passive AF feature in GRD1 and GRD2.

DPreview has these specifications for GRD1:

• Auto focus
• Manual focus
• Snap (Hyperfocal)
• Infinity

AF area modes
• Multi-point
• Spot

AF assist lamp: Yes

And for GRD2 it mentions this:

• Auto focus
• Manual focus
• Snap
• Infinity

AF area modes
• Multi-point AF
• Spot AF

AF lock: Yes

AF assist lamp: Yes

My question is, is it the lack of hyperfocal in GRD2 that makes it an active focus?
superlocal 10 years ago
the main thing i was hoping for was a faster lens, sigh.
am elated with all the new features, although i don't understand the inclusion of the monochrome tinting function.
Archiver PRO Posted 10 years ago. Edited by Archiver (member) 10 years ago
moizsyed - 'Snap' focus is Ricoh's term for a fixed hyperfocal setting. With snap mode, the focus is fixed at 2.5 meters with everything into infinity remaining in focus. It has nothing to do with active AF.

Passive AF in the GR D refers to the two little 'lights' on the top left hand corner, near the lens. They are detectors that measure the differences between two 'images' of the subject. Passive AF is very fast and tends to be quite accurate, and was often used in film cameras.

Without the passive AF, the GR D II will rely on contrast detection, in which the image on the sensor will be used to determine maximum contrast in the subject. This takes more time, and is a speed bottleneck of just about every compact digital camera.

Active AF refers to a ray of infrared light [or ultrasonic waves, used in Polaroid cameras] being shone at the target, with a sensor on the camera picking up the reflection and setting the focus. This was/is also used widely in film cameras.

I will be very interested to see how the GRD 2's focus speed compares with the original.
Crossbar Aloha Posted 10 years ago. Edited by Crossbar Aloha (member) 10 years ago
> Passive AF is very fast and tends to be quite accurate

>I will be very interested to see how the GRD 2's focus speed
>compares with the original.

Me too. I always thought the GRD focus was slow! I used to do side by side comparisons indoors with the GR1s and the GR1s won hands down. Also if the GR1s could not achieve focus then it gave up much faster than the GRD. The GR1s also used a passive system. I guess when I tested it that the GRD was deploying active focus and that made it slow compared to the GRD.

How did the GRD choose the focus system? Are you saying that passive AF only comes into play on full-press? If that's so how does it get time to focus before the shutter opens? Forgive my dumb and off-topic question - i never thought about this until now.

The GRDII specs mention CCD focus method. Is this the same as active focus in the GRD 1?
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