Glenn ( PRO 1:29pm, 4 May 2006
Greetings all, my GR Digital arrived today. What a brilliant camera! I'm extremely happy with it.

Anyway, I've been taking shots all over the place, and roughly an hour ago tested the Time Interval feature. Here's what I came up with:
It's a 2.2mb HD 1280x720P Windows Media 9 movie and only runs for 2 seconds.. so set it to repeat continuously.

Also, I'm quite sure there's a version of Windows Media Player for Macs that should play this too.

Comments welcome.
thehouseofdis 10 years ago
Cool. Thanks for the post. I've been meaning to use that feature. Maybe I'll do it tonight when I dj.
Glenn ( PRO 10 years ago
Could be interesting. Just remember to use a decent tripod. I had to remove a few images from my movie like where I'd hit the shutter button and shaken it slightly.

By the way, I'd shot that with the minimum 5 second interval and a 4 second exposure at f5.6.
kingston chang 10 years ago
Congratulations on your new tool!! The movie clip was interesting! I'll try it myself too!! : )
Glenn ( PRO 10 years ago
Here's my second movie test from this camera, this time using the continuous mode with the shutter speed set to 2 seconds. So a photo was taken each 2 seconds. It was a dark area, so only the lights from the cars were visible. Movie has same specs as previous :
viscerality 10 years ago
how do you control how many shots the camera will take?
Glenn ( PRO 10 years ago
I don't think you can. Maybe just count each shot taken? :) It's good to have a completely empty SD to record to of course. If a 1gb card can hold roughly 300 photos, that's 12 seconds of footage using PAL, or 10 seconds with NTSC.

One thing that's nice is being able to crop the shot without losing any quality. HD video is 1920 pixels wide, but each photo frame taken is over 3000 wide. So over a 1/3 can be cropped.

Oh, and Kingston & Thehousdeofdis - If you try this also, post your results here. I'd be interested to see what others come up with. To create the movie I just use Sony Vegas software by importing the files as an image sequence and then exporting them as HD 720P WMV9. Quicktime Pro could also be used. Load files as image sequence and then export as movie. Doesn't have to be HD, I just like the extra detail.
viscerality 10 years ago
I'm sure you guys have all seen this movie made with the 20D right?
nacoki 10 years ago
wow. thats great movie . viscerality
Glenn ( PRO 10 years ago
No, I hadn't seen that before. Great movie!
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