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Anima Fotografie ADMIN November 13, 2008
Death? Why this fuss about death. Use your imagination, try to visualize a world without death! ... Death is the essential condition of life, not an evil.

Charlotte Perkins Gilman
1860-1935 (Suicide)

Quality NOT Quantity (Remember?) PLEASE read the "Tips" thread BEFORE adding images to the Pool!
Ps. Admins particularly dislike OVEREXPOSED SKY...yuk! :)

Also - no living people in your uploads unless they are 100% respectful.


Group Description

Here is a html-link that you can copy and paste when you comment on photos in the group pool:

<a href=>Graveyard Groupies (The Dead Centre of flickr)</a>

Which will look like this:

Graveyard Groupies (The Dead Centre of flickr)

To invite a photo to the pool, copy and paste:

Your grave would look groovy in the <a href="">Graveyard Groupies</a> pool.

Which will look like this:

Your graves would look cool in the Graveyard Groupies pool.

When posting a best-of-the-best image (not your own) to the Inner Sanctum, copy and paste the following to the image's comments:

Chosen for the <a href= >Inner Sanctum of the Graveyard Groupies</a> pool.

Why did Admin-In-Chief Steiner62 name the group "Graveyard Groupies?"

Self explanatory really...

There you are, walking through that cemetery on your lunch break with your camera, (because the light's just right). You feel more alive among the dead than most. You have a deep empathy with your fellow human beings, & find one expression in this empathy when among those who once walked this Earth as you do now...but have already passed on. You are probably more contemplative than most of your friends. Maybe you have tasted real grief at first hand. So you are more aware of your mortality than most. One thing is certain. You love life. You feel a deep connection with past generations, & are fully aware that one day, you too, will be among the fallen, but you accept this fact. It makes you feel more alive than you can convey. Does any of this sound familiar?

Well then this is the Group for you...

OK, so the Group name is a bit flippant to say the least, but do you know anyone else who spends as much time hanging out among dead people as much as you do?

I've just had two large gin & tonics, that's why you are reading this. In time, if this group takes off, HTML code thingies will appear.
(My dream has now come through as you can clearly see).

But initially, as ever in any group I have ever been involved with here - QUALITY not QUANTITY. A straight snapshot of a tombstone or a cemetery, whatever, will be deleted by your Admin-In-Chief, Steiner62 & his Admins Triumvirate* here! I want to see only sublime cemetery/graveyard studies here. There are enough "dump & run " cemetery groups here already in flickr. I intend this to be the best. Maybe not the biggest, but the best in terms of high quality cemetery/graveyard studies. So please think before you upload to the pool, to avoid disappointment, & a virtual smack in the gob...

*Mr.Riddles/Kafka Doodle/FishBait

NEW FEATURE! A small number of dedicated Admins will periodically scan the pool for QA reasons. If during thier frequent(ish) Audits, you discover that one of your shots has been removed from the Pool, don't get too upset, failure is GOOD, it will spur you on to greater things! Our main aim here as I've stated more bluntly above, is to become the best Repository for Groovy Graveyard images on the www thingie, so please accept thier decisions & try again to pass the QA Test, don't leave, keep trying! Unless you really want to, that is your perogative...I try not to let ego intrude in such matters as we just want the Quality to always win out over the Quantity in our fine Pool here! The small number of Admins delegated to do this have the Group's best interests at heart first & foremost...

Oh & one more thing , welcome... :-)

Feb 2007

What will survive of us is love

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