Steven Scherbinski PRO 1:18pm, 25 September 2010
I think we need a photowalk to photograph the Kentwood water tower.
Ian Anderson GR 8 years ago
Seems somebody had a power-trip!
I love how they say "I'm sure you'd find the Coast Guard very excited if somebody (was photographing) the Mackinac Bridge." Literally every tourist/photographer who goes across takes at least half a dozen!
j / f / photos PRO 8 years ago
Perhaps you didn't realize that DHS recently upgraded the threat level to "stupid"
Margarita Kendra 8 years ago
I'm in favor of a photowalk ha ha!
topher1kenobe 8 years ago
Ed's a good friend of mne, and he and I are both members of the gr flickr group. I think it would be *awesome* to have a whole group of people ll go out there and take pictures at once.
Jim_Zoetewey Posted 8 years ago. Edited by Jim_Zoetewey (member) 8 years ago
Ed (the guy in the article) is a friend of mine too. It would be really funny if people did a water tower focused photowalk.
Mac Girl PRO 8 years ago
Date? Time? Address to mail photos to City Hall afterward? :)

As for your right to photograph something, this PDF guide is a few years old but still a good reference:

There's a book available too, but I haven't read it so I can't vouch for it.
Brian.H 8 years ago
I would be up for a photowalk to the tower too! I will certainly be stopping by to take a few shots very soon either way....
graff81 8 years ago
I love the comment the mayor made about the Mackinac Bridge. If you go to the Mackinac Bridge Authority website they specifically point out a good place to take photos. I had to email him the link, along with a mildly sarcastic comment.
Steven Scherbinski PRO 8 years ago
I'd be glad to go sometime this week.
Brian.H 8 years ago
I stopped by this morning and took a few. I will post them up soon. I'll drop a note to Mayor Root and utilities manager Gorney with a link to the photos...just for their enjoyment. Who knows, maybe they will ask to use my photo on the city's webpage ;-)

Still wouldn't mind doing a photowalk just to prove a point.
Brooke Pennington PRO 8 years ago
Thumbs up for Ed's highly entertaining comment:

""I don't think (terrorists say), 'We got the World Trade Center. What's next -- Kentwood?'"
Ian Anderson GR 8 years ago
I second that!
edward heil 8 years ago
I guess I better upload those things for the record eh? :)
edward heil 8 years ago
There you go -- the WATERTOWER OF TERROR images are now in the GR flickr group :)
Watertower photowalk. Make it happen. I'm in. Watch out, good citizens of Kentwood, hide your children, we're coming... and we're bringing our DSLRs...
Steven Scherbinski PRO 8 years ago
While ideally it should be during the day so we could photograph utility workers, how about Thursday eve. 6 pm. Park near the water tower?

Does someone have an address? I don't know Kentwood very well any more.
whole zinc [deleted] 8 years ago
I'm not eager to go to kentwood to photograph a water tower, but I'm writing a letter.
Need to have prints and a display some place of all the resulting art.
michigangal PRO Posted 8 years ago. Edited by michigangal (member) 8 years ago
OH GOODNESS... I can understand the concern since the 9/11 but did they really need to harrass this guy the way they did.
I think a walk is just what Kentwood needs lol
Jim_Zoetewey 8 years ago
Thursday at 6 would be fine, but personally, I'd prefer a time when city workers will definitely see us.

The ideal time would be morning for that, but that's probably not realistic. Actually, the ideal in my view would be about 500 people all wearing name tags saying "Hello, my name is..."

But Thursday at 6 would be a workable substitute.

Is there anyone who wants to try for an organized morning time too?
Working evenings this week
Steven Scherbinski PRO 8 years ago
The story made the Photography is not a Crime website today.
BethBerryhill 8 years ago
I was at the water tower today...didn't have my camera so i said to my daughter a guy was harassed for taking a photo of the tower so she brought out her rumor and took a pic...said this would make a nice wallpaper on my phone...

I'm in for the photo walk....the grounds people were in full force mowing the parking lot today at 1 pm
edward heil 8 years ago
FYI folks -- it's likely the GR Press will be there at the photowalk. :)
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