ezmoolasurveys 5:38am, 7 November 2011
hi all im very happy there is a new service alternative to paypal which is much better,you see paypal requires you to have premier or bussiness account just to get their debit card plus they require you have the account at least 6 months before you get your card,thats not all they also require you to add credit card and checking to paypal to be confirmed to get your card,well this new service your not required do do any of that and its free to join and your card will be mailed in few days,plus for a limited time they are offering free $10.00 just to join from their espn promotion and you can get $5 per referral up to 10 referrals if they use the service and all your referrals can get free $10 too,but you must use their promo link cause if you visit site directly then theres no bonus like me i got nothing so im making sure everyone knows to use the right link.i love the site so yes im promoting them even if i dont get anything cause i want them be here for years to come.vistit this link and you can read about it and see the actual link you need.
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