Princeton Tec 8:44pm, 21 May 2009
So, after weeks of laboring over some killer "Lights On Bikes" images - more than 300 to be precise - we have finally chosen the winners of our first Princeton Tec: Got Lights On Bikes photo contest.

Below are the winners with links to their images. Prizes from our sponsors are listed for each winner as well, and a representative from these companies will contact you with prize details.

Big high-fives go out to everyone who submitted images that really captured the culture and community around biking - street or trail. And, the site will continue to live, so if you've got a cool shot post it. Keep your ear to the ground for our next photo contest too!

So, here we go:


1. EcoVelo
**SE Lager
2. Placid Casual
**Crumpler Bag
3. Bici girl (
**Ergon Grips


1. bishopdavid32
**Crumpler Bag
2. joolzeD
**Swobo hoody
3. mike Albright
**Ergon Grips


1. jvG49
**Crumpler Bag
2. fxdwhl
**Swobo Hoody
3. ibikenz
**Ergon Grips


1. Joshua siebert
**PTec Light Package
2. jparker164
**Crumpler Bag
3. hang10honey
**Ergon Grips


1. thrillanvillan
**PTec Light package
2. 4pawsphotography
**Swobo Hoody
3. l a u r e n . h a u g e y
**Ergon Grips
Barnaby Nutt PRO 8 years ago
holy sh*t, i won!

thanks guys!
anthemrdr 8 years ago
Congrats to all the winners great pics.
Bici Girl PRO 8 years ago
wow thanks!! I'd like to thanks all my fans and you guys for putting this on. I shot this for a friend who makes these awesome lights. Very visible, very cool!
check out
fxdwhl PRO 8 years ago
sweet, thanks guys!
EcoVelo 8 years ago
Wow, I'm stunned, honored, and grateful to have my photo chosen from among so many excellent entries. Congrats to all of the winners, and many thanks to Princeton Tec and the other sponsors for hosting the contest!

Best regards,
hey! thanks you guys!
joolzeD PRO 8 years ago
Nice one;0) ta!
Barnaby Nutt PRO 8 years ago
hello - no one ever got in touch about my prize....
anyone else?
joolzeD PRO 8 years ago
Yep not heard anything....
mike albright [deleted] 7 years ago
Have not heard anything yet here, too.

Doesn't anyone else wonder a bit about the photo that was picked best overall? Alan, by far, submitted the best batch of photos for this contest....that's my opinion. Alan deserves the 'best overall' photographer award. However, the photo that was picked 'vest overall' was not Alan's best entry. I know, questioning judged events is kinda taboo, but look at this:

This is the winning photo. Compared to Alan's photos below this one looks a little washed out and lacks the composition and crispness of his be the judge:
High Voltage by EcoVelo

no placing for this one
Down Low by EcoVelo

no placing for this one
Country Bike with Poppies by EcoVelo

no placing for this one
Fiery Sunset by EcoVelo

This photo in particular, could have won 'best of' in every category offered (except best action). This is the best image submitted for this contest. If anyone can provide an image entered in this contest that is more deserving of winning best overall, this is it. Why didn't this one win top three in ANY category??
The Visitation by EcoVelo

Is it because prints of all of the above except the actual winning photo are available for sale on Alan's web site?
ibikenz 7 years ago
Cool, I never win anything!

... I haven't been contacted me about the prize either :^(
livingonthedash 7 years ago
Hi all,
While Justin is on the Tour Divide - I will try to chase up the open prize issues.
Be back at ya' in a few - Gerard
ibikenz 7 years ago
Has anyone got their prizes yet?
fxdwhl PRO 7 years ago
just got my swobo sweatshirt this week. though one size too big. and per their website, they're sold out of what i wanted.
ibikenz Posted 7 years ago. Edited by ibikenz (member) 7 years ago
They never sent me my prize despite follow-up emails to Princeton Tec and Ergon. I was so excited having never won anything bike-related before. Kinda sucks and a real shame from a PR point of view as I like both their products :-(
livingonthedash 7 years ago
We are real sorry that you have not received your prize. To be honest - we are not sure why or what's up. We are chasing up Ergon, in the meantime, look for an email in your inbox from us.
ibikenz 7 years ago
Thank you very much Princeton Tec for stepping in with an EOS Bike light as an alternative prize, it's very much appreciated. Has been put to good use already on my late night bombing-runs through the local golf course on the way home from work :-)

Ergon have told me they would only ship to the USA or Canada :-(
joolzeD PRO 7 years ago
Nope not received anything:0(
Barnaby Nutt PRO 7 years ago
i got my bag from crumpler usa. i wasn't expecting a five million dollar home - must be 70 pounds worth. thanks all!
mike albright [deleted] 7 years ago
Never did receive any communication about my Ergon grips.
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