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  • Break-in

    Could users of the Gordy's wrist strap tell me how long it takes for the strap t...

    aztec70710 months ago3 replies

  • Question about Gordy and Rolleicord

    Hi everyone, I recently acquired a Rolleicord and it's in need of a strap. Wha...

    John_shoots_film22 months ago0 replies

  • Stainless or Titanium Quick Release?

    I'm having a hard time determining which quick release to get. I have a new Fuji...

    Filter Free Photography24 months ago1 replies

  • Questions?

    We're always happy to answer any questions you may have. Just send an email to g...

    Gordon Coale30 months ago0 replies

  • What Gordy strap to use for Rolleiflex 2.8F?

    What Gordy strap to use for Rolleiflex 2.8F? Any suggestions? Thanks!

    wilfredoraguro.com33 months ago0 replies

  • Compact Camera Bag

    Just ordered my Gordy strap - dark brown with red wrapping cord. Really looking...

    nichomoff43 months ago1 replies

  • Love Gordy's

    Gordy's straps are probably the best accessory I have ever had for my cameras. ...

    Wrightwr50 months ago5 replies

  • Thank you Gordy's Camera Straps!

    Got one as a gift today, now to look at a neck strap! Cheers!

    orlandoboom52 months ago0 replies

  • Gordy Adjustable Neck Straps for Fuji XT1

    I'm looking at buying an adjustable neck strap for XT1. Can anyone please sugges...

    Julius Andres Manzano53 months ago4 replies

  • Recommendation for overseas customers - check customs fees

    I have received a few days ago my strap as in the photo which I have just publis...

    Tinus70 - months ago0 replies

  • Left or right

    I notice not too many straps are left mounted, i find my right hand is always mo...

    tripi-taka55 months ago3 replies

  • To wrist pad or not?

    Hi, I'm looking to get a wrist strap, and am contemplating a wrist pad to go wit...

    Luminor57 months ago0 replies

  • Love my new strap!

    I switched from the regular two lug hanging strap to the wrist strap so I can ca...

    Heinz “57” Varieties of Cameras63 months ago0 replies

  • wrist strap - string vs o-ring

    I'm debating whether to get the string or the o-ring for my GF-3. The thing is ...

    ahitofmeth66 months ago2 replies

  • Order Turn Around

    I just placed my first order for a Gordy strap for an upcoming rangefinder camer...

    shashinka-ichiban69 months ago24 replies

  • Length Extension

    I recently ordered a wrist strap and it's just a tad too short for me to use com...

    ddR ddR75 months ago0 replies

  • Just ordered my Gordy's

    ...that's it, nothing exciting, just thought i'd mention and join the group ;) ...

    Stop crying and go to sleep75 months ago1 replies

  • which wrist strap?

    Was thinking of getting a wrist strap for my nikon d7000. I'm guessing I should ...

    Lucygirlandjoshua78 months ago4 replies

  • Neck strap vs wrist strap

    I just wonder which type of strap do you prefer to use? I am surprise to see som...

    Alex Chan Photography79 months ago8 replies

  • Cleaning the pool?

    "You can upload as many pictures of your camera with the strap" But lots of sho...

    provinzler82 months ago1 replies

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