armstrong1217 9:02pm, 13 March 2009
I am trying to do a basic vignette and I have found multiple online tutorials that all tell me to do different things. Although they all seem to work, Im getting confused on when I should use what. What is the best way to add vignette into a photograph using GIMP? Thanks
Adrian Midgley PRO 9 years ago
I've never done that. I suppose a good example would be useful here...
AlexStandiford 7 years ago
In my opinion, the best way to add a vignette is like this:

Create a new layer, fill that layer with black
add a layer mask to the newly created layer, and fill that mask with black
set your foreground color to white, and select the gradient tool
use the foreground to transparency gradient and create four gradients coming from the outer edges to the center of the photo. Play with how long the gradient is until it looks right.
Adjust opacity as needed.
Also, you could try setting the layer mode to "overlay." sometimes that looks better than "normal."

Hope this helps. Check out the video below for more info on layer masks and layer modes.
i simply use a burn tool
krazykevcool 4 years ago
There are multiple ways to do this in addition to the good examples above. If you're looking for a realistic vignette (i.e. darkness without actually adding color or black), duplicate a layer, set the layer mode to overlay or multiply, create a layer mask and either mask-in the vignette from the side - or mask out the overlay from the center via a radial gradient. You'll set the mask to full opacity or full transparency depending on how you want to mask in or out the vignette.
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