Before and After

Joe Bianchi 4:50pm, 21 January 2009
I was thinking that it might be interesting to post Before and after Pic's side by side.

Thanks Joe
Adrian Midgley PRO 9 years ago
Certainly on the same page.

Literally side by side? It runs into trouble with resolution, doesn't it?

I'd suggest posting a picture to the group, and then once it is in the group, if the change illustrates something interesting or useful, posting the original in the member's own photostream, and bringing it in as a link at the same size in a comment below.
mmusicante PRO 9 years ago
hi, here it is my "before and after" contribution. The original file (raw to Jpg):


Using the HDR script for Gimp, and then levels and retouching the result using Picasa:


Adrian Midgley PRO 9 years ago
How should the gimp be changed to make it easier or better to use than Picasa for that second part?

Picasa is nice and convenient and effective, but proprietary, and I think the gimp is good for retouching, but not a simple app.
Adrian Midgley PRO 9 years ago
(and welcome)
saultakesphotos 9 years ago
I prefer the "before"!
bvi4092 PRO 9 years ago
Where can I download the HDR script for Gimp?

OhioHiker 9 years ago
Here is the before of a picture I took the other day.

Frozen Tractor Unprocessed

Using Gimp I created 2 layers. Desaturated all colors except red on on layer and blue on another using hue and saturation. Then created a layer mask make the red layer visible. The sharpened, drop shadow, added a border, and my logo.

Final Result.

Frozen Tractor
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