Adrian Midgley PRO 11:12pm, 21 January 2009
Looking at in passing, it occurred to me that with a small select group of picked pictures showing use of gimp, we might find 12 that we'd like as a calendar.

Whether done with fd's Flickr toys and distributed as jpeg files for individual printing, or generated as a paper calendar and distributed by shipping, for money.

I can't see us getting rich on it, and I'd think the most obvious thing to do with any surplus that making and selling them produced would be to give it to the gimp project. The second most obvious thing would be to split it among the owners of the pictures that were chosen, I say second most, because it is likely to be considerable hassle over a tiny amount, but it is clearly a reasonable thing to do. One could do both - half and half perhaps, if it suddenly sold well, but ...?

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