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DO NOT FORGET TO GIVE YOUR SCORE on the previous 3 !!!
(immediate before your photo)



  • Did not get 3 ratings?

    Let's try to give to all the members what they deserve: 3 ratings! If you pos...

    Wolfgang Staudt68 months ago48 replies

  • Thread for awards (If you get 3 Good's post a small sized pic in here)...

    Have you got three good? Post it here (small size please)!

    Wolfgang Staudt73 months ago923 replies

  • Neat group idea; but I’m wondering….

    I’ve looked through the photo pool and there are many great images – a few s...

    Rodeographer85 months ago0 replies

  • Hall of Shame Name Non-Voters

    Didn't get all 3 votes? Name the slackers here and we'll send out da boys to bre...

    Wolfgang Staudt85 months ago96 replies

  • how do i post award?

    im new to this posting awards

    bjorn.anderson90 months ago0 replies

  • editing software

    hi all, could do with some advice. I am a complete novice to photography, but...

    don't lose it96 months ago0 replies

  • Wolfgang: Wake Up

    Wolfgang, As an administrator for this group, it would be nice if you took a ...

    TomBrooklyn99 months ago0 replies

  • Do we have a thread for all three ratings?

    Hi, Was wondering if we had a thread for entries that get all three ratings.. ...

    JanBran100 months ago4 replies

  • Voting

    How do I actually vote on a photo to give it a grading.

    mick2d104 months ago1 replies

  • Meet the gang. Where are you from? Whats your story?

    I'm Matt from Melbourne in Australia. I starting taking photos more often about...

    Matt'1972109 months ago49 replies

  • Awards and comments

    Hey, Just wondered if we could perhaps encourage a bit of constructive critic...

    various geese109 months ago1 replies

  • not allowed to post pictures

    I've been a member of this group for a week now, and I've posted, I think, at le...

    Gigi_13111 months ago0 replies

  • Thanks

    Hi, I am very proud to be part of this interesting group!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks...

    Vera Kehdi112 months ago1 replies

  • Multi-Group Non Raters.

    From time to time, when I happen to be here checking up on some non-scorers from...

    TomBrooklyn115 months ago2 replies

  • hdr

    experimental work is wonderful - yet i see next to nothing in the hdr postings e...

    nonchalant nut116 months ago5 replies

  • help

    voting for the following photos please www.fototalentos.fundacionbancosant...

    el XY117 months ago0 replies

  • Rating

    Hi, I've just joined this group, looks like fun. A question - can you rate other...

    casa.mages ago1 replies

  • My review was deleted by the other user.

    I posted a review for a photo called Sublety by tomatointherain a few minutes ag...

    grumby24ages ago0 replies

  • Stop!!!!! Don't comment!!!!!!!!

    If you post a pic then go to comment and notice that someone in front of you has...

    Matt'1972ages ago19 replies

  • signoff

    following this group has been a pleasure for the most part i after a few days...

    nonchalant nutages ago1 replies

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