Hello :o)

sarboo 10:46pm, 9 January 2007
This group is for pics of anything that no longer exists. It came about as I was searching for a group where I could post images of things that were no longer in existence - when I felt that they should've been.

Anyway, it's for anything that is now no-more, and that meant something to you (whether or not you owned it, went there, etc etc).

That's my ramble over :oP

safoocat 11 years ago
I just went through the entire collection and thank you for starting the pool. There were some sad moments in the browse down memory lane and nastalgia as well.

If ancient civilazations had demolished their structures we wouldn't have a clue. Does that mean that future generations won't either?
Except what pools like this one provide.
sarboo 10 years ago
thanks for your kind comment - i wasn't sure anyone was still interested in this pool :o)

a very good point...thank goodness for what has been captured on film - so much of it gone now, and mostly destroyed by man in the name of 'progress'.
safoocat 10 years ago
I'm interested however since I've only been taking pictures a short time it will be awhile before some of the things I've photographed are gone unless there is an earthquake or something.

Does my memorial park bench fit here? If not I'll find another place for it. Thanks for having the pool. Michelle
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