Joanne-V PRO 8:00pm, 22 June 2009
1. Post your images that have received 7 or more awards.
2. Invitations do NOT count towards awards!
4. Image MUST be set PUBLIC. Private images will be removed without warning or notice.
5. Image MUST be a LIVE LINK
6. Images that do not have the correct number of awards will be removed without notice.
7. Inappropriate photos or photos not complying with group rules will be removed from the group pool, no matter how many awards in place.
8. Photo MUST be in Level 1 in order to receive invite to Level 2. If you have limitations on how many groups you may put your photo in, wait until you get to Level 2 before removing from Level 1.


This is the valid award icon:

Seen in Gold Star Award - Level 1
Gold Star Award - Level 1
COLLECT 7 Level 1 AWARDS post your photo HERE
for your Admin Invite to Gold Star Award - Level 2

Once your image has received an admin invitation to Gold Star Award - Level 2, it will be removed from this thread.

The banner looks like this:

This is your Admin Invite to post your photo to
Gold Star Award - Level 2

Click on the blue Accept invite button to send your photo to Level 2. Then click on the link in this invite to take you to Level 2 so you can award at least 3 other photos immediately after posting your own photo.
Joanne-V PRO Posted 20 days ago. Edited by Pat's Pics36 (admin) 11 days ago
To get invite to GSA Level 2, you need to have:

7+ awards from Gold Star Level 1 and
Photo MUST be in Level 1 in order to receive invite to Level 2.

Promotions done: January 9 @11:56 PM (pm)

If you post here and do not get an invite, it's because (a) your count is wrong and/or (b) your photo is no longer in Level 1. Remember, duplicate award(s) from the same person in the same level do not count.
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London's lungs
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Christmas time in Bruxelles (BE)
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